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Friday, November 2, 2012

Wedding part 1 . . . THE VENUE

Wedding's are one of the biggest events of your life. Everyone has different opinions on where they want to get married, destination, Las Vegas, hometown or back yard; some are big and some are small. Even before Bryn and Scott got engaged I think there was talk of doing the wedding in the back yard of my parents home. So when they did finally get engaged, on a random Tuesday night in the beginning of February, they decided Golden Star would be the perfect place to say I DO!!
My mom and dad thought this was going to be a great idea, why give your money to a hotel venue when you can spend that money on your own back yard?!? Seemed like a good idea at the time!!

This is what the wedding site looked like at the point of conception. . . dirt, tumble weeds, an old truck, 2x4's and a bunch of junk. I'm not sure what my dad was thinking OKing this idea but without a wink he and his "friends" as Rylee calls them got to work!! First day of work proved that this was going to be no easy task . . . confirming property lines. After a mild neighborly dispute it all got worked out.

After about a week of my mom and dad trying to get on the same "page" about what they were about to build Bryn and I decided that if they didn't get divorced, have a heart attack or kill each other the wedding would be GREAT!!! They had many a meeting . . . planning meetings, parking meetings, seating meetings, if it was important there was a meeting about it. My mom worried day and night about everything . . . most importantly parking, how many people and tables they could fit without being crowded, and parking!!

The lonely blue chair served as the center piece, the walkway, the aisle and many other things during the conception phase of the venue construction. Everyday for 8 months my mother had a list of things for my father to do, that is on top of his own list. Dirt and tractors were delivered daily grading out the site in preparation for grass, a dance floor, and a pergola! Pergola became the word of the wedding (details to follow!) This is the very tractor that my dad jumped from breaking 3 bones in his foot forcing him in a boot for the last month of wedding venue construction. If he can still walk after the wedding we will all be surprised.

The design of the venue would change many time and continue to be developed until it was finished about a month before the wedding. As you can tell more blue chairs and old 2x4's mapping out the dance floor and set up for the ceremony.

I learned that having a wedding at your home does not only involve the outside wedding site. They had to create a "bridal suite" where the women could get ready and take pictures with out red ribbon and plaid wall paper in the back ground. They stripped the walls pulled up the tile, painted, put up bead board, and got all new bedroom furniture including a bed and bedding. After it was finished it looked like a guest room and not the room I remember growing up in . . . tear . . . . tear!!

After grading, the retaining walls went up along with the pillars to hold the rod iron fence.

The kids loved being up in the "dirt" every time we would come up my mom would mention "make sure they have shoes they can go up in the dirt" Most of the grunt work happened in the dead of summer where the average temperature for the months of July, August, and September was 100 degrees ( I did some research for that one)!! My dad and his "friends" worked their asses off to make this the best looking wedding venue and I think they did better than even they imagined!!

This my friends is a pergola . . .


1. an arbor formed of horizontal trelliswork supported on
columns or posts, over which vines or other plants are trained.

Whatever you want to call it, it turned out great.

A little bigger than first thought but after it was swagged, adorned with flowers, housed Bryn and Scott's I do's and danced on by a bunch of 4 year olds it was PERFECT!!!

Sitting wall with various trees, shrubs and plants outlined the perfectly planted bank.

The lighting guy, came and strung up all the lights over the venue and hung the paper lanterns to perfection. It was the perfect amount of mood lighting for an intimate wedding.
The kids and I came up mid week to help my fam with any last minute details that needed to be worked out and help setting up the day before. The first thing to be delivered were the port-a-potty's, I mean restrooms!! At 8am we were all up and ready for them to pull up the driveway. What comes up the driveway?? Bright blue double wide side of the road construction site port-o-potty's . . . we all about DIED!!!! Luckily they had brought ours but they had only brought one of the event restrooms and we couldn't see passed the giant blue ones . . .Scare numero uno!!

My moms wonderful party planning friend Danette was with her the whole way planning Bryn's big day. She is the aggressive one and my mom is the passive one, so they work so well together. The tent went up, the tables were rolled out and the chairs were unpacked. 


Everyone had a place and all the tables fit perfectly. It couldn't have worked out any better, the final count was 158 family and friends.

The final outcome was ABSOLUTELY FANFRICKENTASTIC . . . my parents really out did themselves. They built the most beautiful venue that they were both beyond proud of. They are still married, nobody died, 40,853 lists and 3 broken bones later and it was perfect

Just in case you looking for a venue to host your next event please email me to book your next party . . . just beware there might be a swing set added to the site :)
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