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Monday, December 31, 2012

Best Cousin Corny

While we were at the beach we got a surprise visit from Courtney and Auntie Stacey.  They drove down spur of the moment and we had a great time.  We wish the Schembri's lived closer so we could have fun all the time!!  Rylee loves them and Courtney really wants Brady to love her and I think he is still on the fence about it. 

Courtney and Stacey took them out to the beach to play down at the rocks and Brady loved Corny because she did everything he wanted her to do.  I think she is getting closer to figuring him out.  It is always great to have new faces around to entertain the kids.  They walked down to get ice cream, Mc Donald's and friendship bracelets.  Next time you get the bug to drive down give us a little heads up so we can get Bryn on board we missed her. The next time we see Corny and Stacey it will be in March in Vegas for Nini's 80th . . .  Whooo Hoooo can't wait!!!

Christmas 2012

Christmas at my parents always sparkles, you walk in the door and you can feel the Chritsmas magic.  My dad builds the best fires and my mom had decorated her house to the nines!

The kids (JJ included) love sitting down at the little table in front of the TV to eat all of their meals.  Jj thought he should join them this morning!

I loved watching Christmas through Brady this year.  He loved all the lights all the presents and the ornaments.  He would pick up the presents and run them to anyone and yell "Presents Presents!!"

My dad's cousin, who shall remain nameless, (she knows who she is) gifts my father these wonderful farting Santa's.  This is the kids favorite one and Rylee even came up with her own dance moves and then taught Brady!  The song is creatively titled "Crappy Holiday's"

Christmas Eve we went out to dinner with Nonnie and Papa and then headed down to the Mission Inn to walk around and check out the lights.
Chris and Rylee decided that this is what they want their house to look like next year. . .  oh goodness!!
The kids put out there cookies and milk in hopes that Santa would eat them and leave them the cars that they wanted.
 On Christmas morning we opened presents with Bryn and Scott and Mimi and Grandpa.  Scott got called away to work so they showed up super early so Scott would get to have a little glimpse of Christmas.  Brady loved opening the presents and had to make sure EVERY scrap of tape and paper were off before he could be excited about it! After unwrapping all the presents we had a yummy tamale style lunch before Mimi and Gramps went back to the beach and we were on to Christmas #3.
Every year my cousins make the most amazing rolls.  We have tried relentlessly to make them ourselves but they never turn out just right.  So Christmas eve we went over to Aunt Pam's house and watched every step of the roll making process and boy did we learn a thing or two.  She sent us home with the dough so we could roll them out and bring them back Christmas night to show our skills.  And what to our surprise . . . they were fantastic!  Hopefully we can recreate all by ourselves next time.  Thanks Erin, Robyn and Pam for our roll making class, I think we deserve an A!!!
When we got to Jay and Pam's house Christmas night there they were in all of their glory the pink Barbie Car Rylee had been waiting for and the cutest little John Deer tractor trailer you have ever seen.  Nonnie  and Papa got them for the kids, put them together, charged the batteries and Uncle Jay transported them and added the bow.  I never thought that they would be to big to fit in my car.  My dad had to drive them down to San Diego so the kids could ride them as soon as they got home. 

 They drove them all around the driveway. Brady cannot steer yet but we are working on it!

The peanut gallery watching the kids go around and around and around!

Finally Brady got sick of getting stuck or running into the walls he jumped in with Rylee and she drove him around for a while.  I guess this is a glimpse of what the future holds for me in 12 years . . . yikes!!!

Tavaglione clan!

After Christmas, Chris went back to work and Yaya, the kids and I went to the beach for a couple days.  It was so cute to see the kiddos laying in bed together watching a movie on the iPad.  I love it when they play nice :)

We put Brady to bed that night and we came up to go to bed we found that Brady does no longer fit in the crib at the beach :( (nobody say anything about the pink bedding!!) He was end to end with his little feet hanging out.  Next step toddler bed . . . Whaaaaaa!!

Christmas was wonderful, we are all lucky to be able to see each other for the holiday's.   I hope Rylee doesn't want a real car next year!!

Chris's Happiest Day

Chris was SOOO excited to have the Hlinka's down for Christmas at our house.  From the minute we had our dinning room all finished (four years ago) he has been dying to have a holiday meal at it!!  I wasn't quite ready to do it but Chris had faith in me.  We always go up to Riverside to celebrate Christmas and Chris's parents were nice enough to always have Christmas with them the weekend before.

Chris's idea of helping was deep frying the turkey.  After doing it Thanksgiving he now thinks he is a pro, lucky for me he is good at!!

Rylee and Brady had a wonderful time playing with Victoria, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Matt and Aunt Janice.  They were like the three amigos. Everywhere Rylee went Victoria was right on her hip and Brady wasn't far behind.  The girls wore matching outfits all weekend long.

Dinner turned out great and we had ice cream sundaes for dessert.  It was cute to see the little ones up at the bar eating.

Chris's happiest day eating at his table in his home with his family . . . I think he was pretty proud!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

That special time of year when you pull out a zillion boxes full of Christmas paraphernalia, brush all the dust off of your prized ornaments, put up the tree, splatter your house with lights, Blueberry the Elf comes out to "watch over the kids" and Chris gets just as giddy as they 2 and 4 year old!!!

Rylee loved pulling out all the ornaments and saying "I made this when I was 3"  I was a little worried about Brady wanting to pull down the ornaments but he did GREAT. He tried to hang them on the tree and loved to say "Wow pretty" to all the ornaments and the lights on the tree!

Chris was ready to win the light decorating contest this year.  He and Rylee were out until the very last minute putting more and more lights on the house, on the grass and on all the plants.  The night before the contest it rained like crazy and Chris spent the whole next day rewiring and putting all new light bulbs in the happy holidays sign.  We went out to look at everyone else's lights that night and when we left we noticed out biggest competitor was also having light trouble and half of his lights were out to.  At this point I think Chris thought he had it in the bag!!
Much to his dismay we ended up with second, which you all know is what we got last year and the year before that and is the first looser!!! Our neighbor around the corner won and we are convinced it was because she and her husband were out on their front porch dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus!! Next year Chris has decided to have dancing elves dance up and down the sidewalk . . . so if you would like to help his cause and volunteer I would greatly appreciate it!!!

We love going to this cute little neighborhood and walking around looking at all the fantastic lights.  There are tons of people walking around, homeowners having parties on their driveway and selling hot chocolate and snacks. Rylee had written a letter to Santa telling him that she wanted a car and mailed it off.  That night we ran into Santa and Mrs. Claus while we were walking around the first thing she said to him was did you get my letter . . . I held my breath hoping that anyone that decided to don the Santa suit plays the part . . . Thank God he said yes and that the elves were working on it!!!

Yaya and I took the kids to see Santa at Fashion Valley.  She got them matching jammies and I thought it might be cute to see Santa and have their picture in them.  I knew Brady was going to scream bloody murder and Rylee said if he did she was going to cover her ears . . . Light bulb . . . So I say "great idea Rylee"

 . . . and VIOLA!!!!  Exactly what I thought would happen!!  She wanted a Barbie power wheels for Christmas and every time you asked her what she wanted she would say "a car" She also wanted shoes that light up, sticker earrings, and anything Hello Kitty!!  Brady was all things with wheels, trains and trucks!

Rylee was so cute at her preschool chapel day and sing a long.  She had been practicing at home and all the songs were adorable in her little preschool voice.  They sang Away in a manger, Jingle Bells, Klop Klop, and We Wish you a merry Christmas. At chapel the pastor told them all the story of Jesus's birth and Rylee had really soaked it all in.  She was in love with the baby Jesus all season, so cute!!

I found this old frame, painted it, strung some wire and then clipped on all my wonderful Christmas Cards.  They seemed to be better than usual and I loved everyone of them.
Christmas seemed like it was going to be better than I had imagined this year and I was really excited to see how it was all going to play out!!

San Fran Get-a-Way

Chris and I have continued our anual tradition of visiting a different NFL game and stadium.  This year we didn't want to go to far so we decided that San Francisco would be a great idea.  It was an added bonus that we got to see my cousin Courtney while we were there.

Why am I always dressed for snow and Chris is dressed for the Bahama's?!?!?
We were happy to have our little get-a-way and not be on any kind of schedule.  We made it to the hotel and quickly set out for adventure down at the Pier 39, Ghirardelli square and beyond.  We stoped in for clam chowder, oysters, hot totties, chocolate and everything else we could find.

I was looking for something very specific and couldn't find it, incidentally I made us walk all the way from pier 49 to pier 0 . . . Chris was not amused!!  But we found it and it was not exactly what I was thinking of . . . Whoops!!

Chris not so happy!!

Courtney and her friend Megan were at the hotel when we got back in from our adventure.  Courtney loves Chris and he was also looking forward to hanging out with the ladies.  Not having a plan has its pro's and con's.  Saturday night during the holiday's proved to be a little harder to find a place to eat that we had imagined.  We happened upon a quaint little restaurant and ate apps in the bar.  Our next move would find us being locked out of many private parties . . . knock knock, sorry private party, I thought Chris was going to barge right into the last private party we encountered. 

Finally we found a place and we had a great time, dancing and drinking into the wee hours of the morning!  It was fun to be with the young and single and see how it all goes down.  Little did I know that I would be teaching the youngin's a thing or too!!!
When we got back to the hotel everyone thought it would be good idea to have Burger King; a Burger King with an armed guard standing outside.  They went in, I went up to the room and they came back with a "free" small french fry that they "won" by dropping dimes into a container of water hoping it would land on the landing spot . . . viola, ten dimes later they won!!  High light of their night by far!!!!

The game was great, we had great seats and the weather was WAY warmer that we had planned.  We were right in the sun and had no need for our fancy Niners scarf!
Green Bay, Chicago, Nashville, San Diego down, the pro bowl and  28 to go. . .  who wants to go next year?!?!?