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Thursday, December 13, 2012

An eventful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was pretty exciting at my parents house this year!!  This was the first year we didn't put a turkey in the oven, they boys deep fried it, the first year we got to play up on the "upper field" and the first year a car slammed into the tree in the hole!!

As we were playing on the upper field all of a sudden we heard a long loud noise, screeching tires, we all froze and waited for the inevitable boom!  And when it happened we took off running.  Scott and I leading the way hauling ass down the driveway with Chris grabbing the kids and Bryn jumping on the phone to 911.  When Scott and I made it to the bottom and saw the car I quickly went into medic mode and thought for sure I was going to be pulling bodies out of this car.  By the grace of God the 16year old driver stepped out without a scratch.  None of us could believe it!! 

The fire truck, ambulance, tow truck and CHP all showed up and it was pretty exciting from there.

Since no body was hurt we got to hang around and chat with the fire fighters.  We offered cookies and waters and they offered to stay once they found out that Chris and Scott were frying a turkey for the first time :)

After the car got pulled out Rylee got a sticker from the fire fighters!

Chris was so excited!!

The men standing around observing the turkey sauna!!

Came out golden brown and beautiful . . . nice job!!

We also celebrated Nonnie's and Bryn's birthday's

After dinner it was so nice to go up the "upper field," run around and play games with everyone.  My parents bought a swing set, soccer goals and balls, a tee ball set and the kids had their bikes.  Everyone had fun watching Rylee and Papa play soccer with Erin and Robyn!!

Group photo!!

Brady wore his I love my Papa shirt and it was a hit!!

Brady never really wants any help in anything he does but Papa tried his hardest!!

That night, with out any nap, the kids bit the big one and passed out.

It was a very eventful Thanksgiving. 
We are all very thankful for all that we have and could not want for one more thing!!

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