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Monday, December 31, 2012

Best Cousin Corny

While we were at the beach we got a surprise visit from Courtney and Auntie Stacey.  They drove down spur of the moment and we had a great time.  We wish the Schembri's lived closer so we could have fun all the time!!  Rylee loves them and Courtney really wants Brady to love her and I think he is still on the fence about it. 

Courtney and Stacey took them out to the beach to play down at the rocks and Brady loved Corny because she did everything he wanted her to do.  I think she is getting closer to figuring him out.  It is always great to have new faces around to entertain the kids.  They walked down to get ice cream, Mc Donald's and friendship bracelets.  Next time you get the bug to drive down give us a little heads up so we can get Bryn on board we missed her. The next time we see Corny and Stacey it will be in March in Vegas for Nini's 80th . . .  Whooo Hoooo can't wait!!!

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