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Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas at my parents always sparkles, you walk in the door and you can feel the Chritsmas magic.  My dad builds the best fires and my mom had decorated her house to the nines!

The kids (JJ included) love sitting down at the little table in front of the TV to eat all of their meals.  Jj thought he should join them this morning!

I loved watching Christmas through Brady this year.  He loved all the lights all the presents and the ornaments.  He would pick up the presents and run them to anyone and yell "Presents Presents!!"

My dad's cousin, who shall remain nameless, (she knows who she is) gifts my father these wonderful farting Santa's.  This is the kids favorite one and Rylee even came up with her own dance moves and then taught Brady!  The song is creatively titled "Crappy Holiday's"

Christmas Eve we went out to dinner with Nonnie and Papa and then headed down to the Mission Inn to walk around and check out the lights.
Chris and Rylee decided that this is what they want their house to look like next year. . .  oh goodness!!
The kids put out there cookies and milk in hopes that Santa would eat them and leave them the cars that they wanted.
 On Christmas morning we opened presents with Bryn and Scott and Mimi and Grandpa.  Scott got called away to work so they showed up super early so Scott would get to have a little glimpse of Christmas.  Brady loved opening the presents and had to make sure EVERY scrap of tape and paper were off before he could be excited about it! After unwrapping all the presents we had a yummy tamale style lunch before Mimi and Gramps went back to the beach and we were on to Christmas #3.
Every year my cousins make the most amazing rolls.  We have tried relentlessly to make them ourselves but they never turn out just right.  So Christmas eve we went over to Aunt Pam's house and watched every step of the roll making process and boy did we learn a thing or two.  She sent us home with the dough so we could roll them out and bring them back Christmas night to show our skills.  And what to our surprise . . . they were fantastic!  Hopefully we can recreate all by ourselves next time.  Thanks Erin, Robyn and Pam for our roll making class, I think we deserve an A!!!
When we got to Jay and Pam's house Christmas night there they were in all of their glory the pink Barbie Car Rylee had been waiting for and the cutest little John Deer tractor trailer you have ever seen.  Nonnie  and Papa got them for the kids, put them together, charged the batteries and Uncle Jay transported them and added the bow.  I never thought that they would be to big to fit in my car.  My dad had to drive them down to San Diego so the kids could ride them as soon as they got home. 

 They drove them all around the driveway. Brady cannot steer yet but we are working on it!

The peanut gallery watching the kids go around and around and around!

Finally Brady got sick of getting stuck or running into the walls he jumped in with Rylee and she drove him around for a while.  I guess this is a glimpse of what the future holds for me in 12 years . . . yikes!!!

Tavaglione clan!

After Christmas, Chris went back to work and Yaya, the kids and I went to the beach for a couple days.  It was so cute to see the kiddos laying in bed together watching a movie on the iPad.  I love it when they play nice :)

We put Brady to bed that night and we came up to go to bed we found that Brady does no longer fit in the crib at the beach :( (nobody say anything about the pink bedding!!) He was end to end with his little feet hanging out.  Next step toddler bed . . . Whaaaaaa!!

Christmas was wonderful, we are all lucky to be able to see each other for the holiday's.   I hope Rylee doesn't want a real car next year!!

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