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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kids say the darndest things . . .

"Mama my nose is red right here and it hurts when I pick it!!!" ~ Rylee

This morning I was doing last nights dishes becuase there was no more room in the dishwasher and Rylee says . . . "Hey Mama can you come get these dishes and put them in the sink??"  I reply "No you can walk them over and put them in the sink"  She says . . . "Well you are doing Daddy's dishes!!"  She is so damn observant it is incredible, and she listens to EVERYTHING.  I can be on the phone in the family room and she will yell from the bathroom somthing pertaining to my phone conversation!

Brady's speech is coming along so slowly its painful but it is coming.  I have to keep reminding myself it's a marathon.  We are getting a couple 2 word phrases from him.  When we dropped Rylee off for school and returned home without her he looked at me and said "Rylee all gone" and now he is gestruing and saying " 'mon Mama" Translation come on mama!!  He loves all the Christmas lights and everytime we pass a house with lights he says "Wow pretty"  The blanket finally has a name and he calls it the Dayte.  We have no idea where it came from but he will call for it and now we know what he is looking for instead of the whining!

My friend Trish took these amazing photos of the kids so I could pass them out as Christmas gifts to the fam.  I am sure they will be beyond happy to get them :)

Chris and I decided that it was time for Brady to have a little preschool time away from Mama to help encourage his social and verbal skills.  Sweeney and I looked for a place we could stash the boys for a couple hours and stumbled upon a great little preschool that would let them start in January one day a week on Monday's.  Lucky for us they said that they could come for the last day of this semester and it is this Monday!!!   When I told Chris that I was going to have 2 full hours all to myself with no kids he asked if I was going to get a job?!?!?  Crazy man!!!  I am beyond excited for the Brady man of course.  He has to take a little back pack and I am so excited to go get one for him this weekend!
All of Rylee's friends are starting to turn 5 and all she wants to be is 5 now!  My mom told her she wanted her to be 4 forever and she said "Yaya I have to move forward!!"  She is such a big helper around the house and has started making her bed as her first chore.  Some days it happens and some days it doesn't but it's cute that she trys so hard.  She gets 2 quarters (no one tell her she is getting way below minimum wage!!) every time she does and she wants to put them in her wallet instead of her piggy bank and always wants to buy something.  She is going to be a good candidate for a savings account that can't be touched!!   

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