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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Part 6 . . . THE WEDDING

I would say that Bryn and Scott's wedding day went off without a hitch. My mom and Dad were still putting the final touches on the wedding venue til the very last minute and Auntie Stacey came over to help too. We all managed to make it inside and sit down for a little get ready pampering.  We had hair and make up gals getting us all ready for the big event.  It wouldn't be a wedding without Nicole and Sam doing our hair. They were there for my wedding (and every hair apt in between) and it was just fitting that they be there for Bryn's!! The getting ready process always seems to be the most chaotic but with them there it is always a fun time!  My friend Brittney came up from San Diego to put on our faces, and boy did she make us look gooooooood!!

Rylee loved every minute of getting ready.  Hair curled and pinned, drinking orange juice out of a champagne class like the big girls and getting a surprise flower wreath . . . her happiest day!!  I think someone forgot to tell her this wasn't her wedding!

Courtney split her dress up the back during pictures and found Nicole to quickly sew her back together!!

I know it's cliche to say, but Bryn was the most beautiful Bride EVER (but no really she was)!!   Everything was perfect down to the very last detail including her pale pink Toms.  Everything was just perfectly Bryn (and Scott of course)!!!

Everyone made it down the aisle, including Brady (he went with my mom and Chris) but hey he made it!  Rylee was in her highest glee throwing rose petals.  When Bryn and Dad came walking down it was pretty emotional for me, knowing this was the last time my dad would walk his daughters down the aisle.  Like I said Bryn looked beautiful and my Dad did great limping her down to meet Scott.

The ceremony was just perfect.  Our childhood friend Josh did a wonderful job and I think we were all very happy to have him there.

Rylee loved that she had all her "little cousins" there to party the night away! They danced and danced and when the DJ played a song they didn't like they would go ask for one they did  . . . Call me Maybe . . . Good Girl

I am not one who is afraid to speak in front of people, I'm loud, like to be center of attention, enthusiastic and this was my family for the love . . . what was there to be nervous about?? 
So I have no idea why I was so nervous but I made it and I think it was pretty good~~
Rory and I gave our speeches and they were both right on.  Not to long not to emotional, and just the right amount of story time and humor.  We are both happy to see our younger siblings get married off and start their journey together.  I know that Scott and Bryn know that Rory and I would do just about anything for them!
Courtney finally buddy'd up to Brady and even got him to smile for a picture :) 
Such a precious moment between Chris and Brady . . . melt my heart!!

My parents put on the wedding of the year and I was so proud of my family! 

The kids had lasted as long as they could and it was almost to the last song!
Although my dad thoroughly enjoyed throwing my sister the most amazing wedding ever, I think he was just as eexcited when it was all over . . .
The day after the wedding we all woke up in a wedding coma!  I found my mom's eyelashes in her hair . . .

Dad and Chris looked like they had been run over by a bus . . .

 . . . Rylee had wedding melt down, nothing left to look forward to . . .

 . . . Even little Brady looked a mess with chocolate doughnut smeared across his teeth . . . .

 . . . For some reason my picture never made it out of the camera (whoops!!) . . .
Ah crap I found it . .
Thanks Bryn and Scott for the memories.
 Now it's up to you to keep the memories going . . . We love you!!! We couldn't be more proud of you and will be there to encourage you and watch you grow as a couple!

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