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Sunday, December 30, 2012

San Fran Get-a-Way

Chris and I have continued our anual tradition of visiting a different NFL game and stadium.  This year we didn't want to go to far so we decided that San Francisco would be a great idea.  It was an added bonus that we got to see my cousin Courtney while we were there.

Why am I always dressed for snow and Chris is dressed for the Bahama's?!?!?
We were happy to have our little get-a-way and not be on any kind of schedule.  We made it to the hotel and quickly set out for adventure down at the Pier 39, Ghirardelli square and beyond.  We stoped in for clam chowder, oysters, hot totties, chocolate and everything else we could find.

I was looking for something very specific and couldn't find it, incidentally I made us walk all the way from pier 49 to pier 0 . . . Chris was not amused!!  But we found it and it was not exactly what I was thinking of . . . Whoops!!

Chris not so happy!!

Courtney and her friend Megan were at the hotel when we got back in from our adventure.  Courtney loves Chris and he was also looking forward to hanging out with the ladies.  Not having a plan has its pro's and con's.  Saturday night during the holiday's proved to be a little harder to find a place to eat that we had imagined.  We happened upon a quaint little restaurant and ate apps in the bar.  Our next move would find us being locked out of many private parties . . . knock knock, sorry private party, I thought Chris was going to barge right into the last private party we encountered. 

Finally we found a place and we had a great time, dancing and drinking into the wee hours of the morning!  It was fun to be with the young and single and see how it all goes down.  Little did I know that I would be teaching the youngin's a thing or too!!!
When we got back to the hotel everyone thought it would be good idea to have Burger King; a Burger King with an armed guard standing outside.  They went in, I went up to the room and they came back with a "free" small french fry that they "won" by dropping dimes into a container of water hoping it would land on the landing spot . . . viola, ten dimes later they won!!  High light of their night by far!!!!

The game was great, we had great seats and the weather was WAY warmer that we had planned.  We were right in the sun and had no need for our fancy Niners scarf!
Green Bay, Chicago, Nashville, San Diego down, the pro bowl and  28 to go. . .  who wants to go next year?!?!?

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