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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tavaglione Reunion

We Tavaglione's don't get together as much as we should but when we do we have a great time!!
The Inland Empire Magazine recently recognized my grandfather and had some wonderful things to say about our family.  "The Tavaglione's are not your average family.  Over the years, words like 'dynasty,' 'powehouse,' and 'political machine' have been used to describe this prominent and prolific family." And to think that we are so lucky to be part of this wonderful family that came to Riverside way back in 1927!!

All the kids had a great time running around the grounds at the Ranchero's!  They got to climb all over the tractors, see the bulls, ride the horses and jump in the bounce house.  Rylee was so happy to see how many "little cousins" she has.
I think that Papa loved following after Brady.  He would run to the tractors and Papa would be hot on his heels.  Such a special time with family!

 We get to see Talia and Stacey a lot at the beach, but it was funny being together at the reunion I felt like we were all 12 years old again.  Apparently we were the only ones ready for this photo!!  It is so great with Facebook now.  Even though we don't get together as often you still get to see what is going on in everyone's life and watch the little ones grow through pictures.

Joe Jr. and his beautiful family!!

Louis, Nick and Joe Jr.



As you can see from this picture there are not many boys to keep the Tavaglione name going.  The Tavaglione women took over in the third generation!! 4 Tavaglione men and only 3 with the Tavaglione last name . . .

Only 1 fourth generation Tavaglione!! 
Brady was really loving being in this picture . . . look at all those great grand children!

I love being a Tavaglione and will continue the Tavaglione traditions that have been passed down my way. 

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