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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lucky 13!

Happy 2013!
We are only a week in and I can tell this is going to
 be a BIG year with lots of exciting events for our family. 

Before we get to that, lets rehash NYE . . .

This is the 2nd year that we have celebrated the East Coast new years with our neighbors and it was super fun!  I was in charge of party attire.  I took the kids and we got the ever popular 2013 sunglasses, hats, leis, horn blowers and tiaras.  Then we went to the dollar store to fill up the main event . . . the Ligthening Mc Queen pinata.  My mom had got it at the pinata district when we were up in LA last.

It is so nice that all the kids entertain themselves and the adults can sit around, drink eat and chat.

We all had fun with the NYE party stuff, the kids always like the stuff that makes the most noise, which incidentally drives the parents crazy!

Brady loved watching the blow horn go in and out every time he blew into it.

They are all getting so big.  The babies are not babies anymore but more like one of the big kids!!  It's fun watching the kids on the block all grow up together enjoying the same parties year after year.

The pinata was a hit (no pun intended) the kids loved it.  Everyone got a chance to hit it many, many times with out a dent.  Not that they didn't put their 2, 3 and 4 year old muscle into it but i would have taken a chain saw to break that thing  Finally after all the kids had had their share and were starting to get frustrated that it wasn't breaking open we handed the bat over to the moms that had to much wine!!  Needless to say we did the job and all the candy and prizes came flowing out!!

Happy New Year from the Hlinka's!

So lucky to have such amazing neighbors. 

Things to come in 2013. . .

Rylee starts Kindergarten and is going to be 5
Brady starts drop off preschool
Dianne's 70th birthday
Merlin's 80th birthday
Joe's 90th birthday
Jaclyn's wedding
Babies . . . ???

Many many everyday memories to be made . . . I can't wait 2013 is going to be a fantastic year!!!

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