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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Winter times . . .

The winter in San Diego, or Southern California for that matter is kinda hit or miss.  Some days are super cold, like 55 or a perfect 78 degrees and sunny, sometimes even in the same week.  Being fair weather people that we are, we don't like to go out when its too cold, so I try to think of fun things we can do without going crazy inside or places we can go or do to make the days fun. 
The last week the kids had pajama day at school and got to make pancakes for snack.  They both thought this was pretty fun. It rained on the day Brady was supposed to wear his pajamas but he still love the cake cakes for snack!!

He also loved the drums, just like his daddy, and all the musical instruments they had out!! 

I have noticed that there has been a lot of gambling going on in our family lately.  We usually do a fantasy football playoff, see who can get the most college game pics, and coming up March Madness.  Chris has been loosing and my mother keeps reminding him of this, funny because she is one who doesn't always pay up if she looses!!!  He decided he wanted to pay his debt.  We were all going to head up to riverside and go to Joey's the rib place we all like. Before we knew it the         Dele Donne's wanted to go, the Bodle's and Kim, Rick and all the kids were in for rib night!!!  We decided to go pick it up and have it at the house and have everyone over.  It was the most fun spontaneous party I have ever been to.   The kids had a great time playing together and we loved the adult conversation reliving all of our old times!!

Chris is the main bath giver in our house. I don't like doing it, the kids say its more fun with daddy so I let him run the show.  They usually bathe in Rylee's room, that is where all their bath stuff is, towels, toys, and soaps.  When we are having a blah day around the house I fill up our big master bath, pour in the bubbles and let the kids splash around 'till their hearts content.  It's great because I can get so much done in my room and closest and they can't go anywhere and they will stay in there for hours, it's perfect!!

We have done Disney a couple times in the last months and it has been great because Brady is getting really good.  He will wait in the line without going crazy and actually likes the rides. He is good about getting in and out of the stroller and taking his nap at just the right time.  We finally got Chris to go with us and he loved it.  He took Rylee on all the rides she likes to go on, he introduced her to the Tower of Terror and she loves it more than splash mountain and thunder mountain, crazy kid!!

Like I said, the weather has been hot one day and cold the next rainy and then sunny.  Brady loved carrying the umbrella when it was raining.  He almost takes out everyone around him but he is determined to carry his (or Rylee's) own umbrella!!
We live by this amazing water park that is gated, and has all the perfect park amenities.  It also has this huge hill.  The moment we moved in I wanted to go ice blocking.  I finally decided that this was the time.  Rylee and I made our own ice blocks.  I grabbed two shoe boxes lined them with a trash bag and poured in the water.  I thought it would be fun if they were colored so of course Rylee chose pink and we threw in a couple of sparkles just because.  I also thought it might be handy if we had a handle so we cut some ribbon and hung it out of the box while it froze and tossed them in the freezer.  I really did think it would take one overnight for these things to freeze, not the case ONE WEEK LATER they were frozen solid!!!

I wish I had sufficient video to show but it was kind of anti climatic.  We didn't go as fast as I thought and I underestimated the size of the ice block.  We did have fun and I would do it again in a minute with a few minor modifications!!!
The weather has been beautiful and we have been at the beach at just the right times.  We celebrated Grampa's birthday and the weather was good enough to let the kiddos run around down by the water. 

It never fails, we tell them not to go in the water and they come back wet.  Now we let Rylee wear her bathing suit!!

Not exactly bathing suit weather but a beautiful day to be outstide on the beach!!

Bryn found this super fun trampoline park and said we had to bring the kids.  Last week we all went and had a BLAST!!!  We all bounced, Brady loved it, Chris kept falling, Yaya caught some minor air and Bryn and Rylee looked professional.  Rylee wanted everyone to jump in the pit including Yaya.  Nobody told Yaya how hard it would be to actually get out, she got a little stuck!!!

We played dodge ball and it's funny how Yaya is always every ones favorite target, it's probably because we all love her so much!! 

Farrell's opened in Riverside and we thought it would be fun to go to and my mom and dad were looking forward to reliving the old days. The place is super cute. We got there right when it opened and I think they were a little overwhelmed. I took some time to get our food and the waitress spilled an entire tray of drinks on Brady's head!!
So far this winter has been a good one.  We didn't have time for Mammoth this year but next year for sure (unless Aunt B is pregnant ;)!!  With a little creativity we can escape the winter blues in anticipation for a little summer like weather!!!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Love the Hlinka's

Papa's Train Station

On any given day I think my Papa's is a pretty cool guy. He loves his family, loves his job, loves the community he has belonged to for many years and is always trying to find a way to give back.   I have always know he was pretty important in the community and served on many boards in many different aspects.  Currently he serves on the Board of Directors for Riverside Public Utilities and is also a member of the influential California Transportation Commission.
He was recently surprised with a huge honor. . . .

They named a train station after him!!!!!! 
How cool is that??  When I told Rylee she thought he had bought his own train, and SHE was ready to take a ride.  When I explained to her what it was she still wanted to ride the train!!!

He even has his own plaque with his picture on in at "his" train station.  There was a big ceremony (that unfortunately we missed) to commemorate this big honor, but we couldn't be more proud of the work he has done to improve his community!

It is a beautiful train station I just wish the train went from Riverside to San Diego . . . Do you think you could put that in to effect Papa?!?!?  Congrats Papa we are so proud of you!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wine Nite

Our time with neighborhood friends has become more frequent and more fun every time!! We had wine night not to long ago and it was more fun that I could have ever imagined.  We decided that we would have it at our home and send all the kiddos down the street to Diana's with a couple babysitters (so far the best idea we have ever had!!)

There were a couple  rules outlined by the wine guy. . . .

"Keep in mind that this is a wine tasting, not a wine drinking event (even though a lot of wine will be consumed), so I would appreciate that everyone avoid consuming other alcoholic beverages prior to the tasting so that their palates will be fresh."

"All I ask is for your undivided attention during this time of actual tasting."
This wine guy came over, brought over a bunch of wine, gave us all the rundown on each one.  We had a decanter, many glasses of wine, cheese, and chocolate of course!

Everyone had their individual wine they like but in the end there was a white winner and a red winner!

Then as soon as the wine guy left the shots made their way out.  The babysitter time was about up and we were all still having fun so we had the babysitter walk the kids over . . .

After wine, shots and cocktails the adults became one with the children  . . . they came barrelling in like a wild stampede!!  Chris is always the first one they start wrestling with.  I do remember having a hula hooping contest (Rylee won) and dancing to Gangham Style! 

Jake, Brady, Dylan, Colin, Zoe, Katelyn and Rylee

The girly neighbors

For some reason we left to go over across the street and when we came back all the guys had taken the kids outside to roast marshmallows (at this point it was almost 10pm and freezing)

We got really lucky to live in  a neighborhood with such wonderful neighbors!!  I vote we do "wine night" more often!!!