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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Papa's Train Station

On any given day I think my Papa's is a pretty cool guy. He loves his family, loves his job, loves the community he has belonged to for many years and is always trying to find a way to give back.   I have always know he was pretty important in the community and served on many boards in many different aspects.  Currently he serves on the Board of Directors for Riverside Public Utilities and is also a member of the influential California Transportation Commission.
He was recently surprised with a huge honor. . . .

They named a train station after him!!!!!! 
How cool is that??  When I told Rylee she thought he had bought his own train, and SHE was ready to take a ride.  When I explained to her what it was she still wanted to ride the train!!!

He even has his own plaque with his picture on in at "his" train station.  There was a big ceremony (that unfortunately we missed) to commemorate this big honor, but we couldn't be more proud of the work he has done to improve his community!

It is a beautiful train station I just wish the train went from Riverside to San Diego . . . Do you think you could put that in to effect Papa?!?!?  Congrats Papa we are so proud of you!!

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