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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wine Nite

Our time with neighborhood friends has become more frequent and more fun every time!! We had wine night not to long ago and it was more fun that I could have ever imagined.  We decided that we would have it at our home and send all the kiddos down the street to Diana's with a couple babysitters (so far the best idea we have ever had!!)

There were a couple  rules outlined by the wine guy. . . .

"Keep in mind that this is a wine tasting, not a wine drinking event (even though a lot of wine will be consumed), so I would appreciate that everyone avoid consuming other alcoholic beverages prior to the tasting so that their palates will be fresh."

"All I ask is for your undivided attention during this time of actual tasting."
This wine guy came over, brought over a bunch of wine, gave us all the rundown on each one.  We had a decanter, many glasses of wine, cheese, and chocolate of course!

Everyone had their individual wine they like but in the end there was a white winner and a red winner!

Then as soon as the wine guy left the shots made their way out.  The babysitter time was about up and we were all still having fun so we had the babysitter walk the kids over . . .

After wine, shots and cocktails the adults became one with the children  . . . they came barrelling in like a wild stampede!!  Chris is always the first one they start wrestling with.  I do remember having a hula hooping contest (Rylee won) and dancing to Gangham Style! 

Jake, Brady, Dylan, Colin, Zoe, Katelyn and Rylee

The girly neighbors

For some reason we left to go over across the street and when we came back all the guys had taken the kids outside to roast marshmallows (at this point it was almost 10pm and freezing)

We got really lucky to live in  a neighborhood with such wonderful neighbors!!  I vote we do "wine night" more often!!!

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