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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter in Newport Beach

We kicked off Easter this year with the annual Maybeck Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  The Easter Egg hunt is great in theory but in all reality it is a lot of build up for 30 seconds of enjoyment.  All the adults in the neighborhood hid the eggs and the kids are all sequestered in one of the backyards.  Then like a shot out of a gun the kids are off and running and all the eggs are collected in matter of seconds (if only they would clean their rooms or pick up their toys that fast).  Seems like a lot of hype for such short lived enjoyment.  Maybe we are making it to easy for them, next year you will really have to HUNT for the eggs so it last longer.  Some kids even found a couple eggs from last year . . . yuck  . . . they were all moldy and gross . . . now those kids were really hunting!!

Everyone always has a great time at our neighborhood events and all the adult like getting together a catching up!!

As soon as spring break started and I was all better from my Vegas illness we headed straight for NEWPORT BEACH!!! Spring break, Mimi's birthday and Rylee's birthday seem to all go hand in hand.  So while we were there we celebrated Mimi and Rylee!

With the Vegas trip, planning Rylee's birthday and getting ready for Easter we totally forgot to see the Easter bunny, that was a first.  But we made up for it and he made his way to NB and the kids got thier Easter baskets.

The kids are learning that they can play in the street and that it's really fun (and scary) to run across the street and play.  Rylee got a skip it and mastered it in about an hour.
Jace and Gia joined us for the 26th street Easter Egg Hunt. 

After everyone took their naps we headed down to Nonnie and Papa's for a little Easter fun.  We brought the confetti eggs and Rylee tried to get Erin and Robyn. 

I love that Robyn is scared of a 5 year old with a confetti egg!!!!!

I think she won!!

We brought cupcakes and Rylee got to celebrate her birthday with her family, she's so lucky!

I love it when we all get together and they all let me take a group shot!!!

That's a lot of family, happy we could all be together!


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