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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My 5 year old!!

RYLEE MARIE HLINKA . . .  oh how I love you.
Boy it's crazy to think how one little girl can change your life, and Miss Rylee you have done just that.  I love that sassy, spunky, outgoing, adventurous, loving little personality you've got going on.  One moment you can be sweet as pie and the next you are yelling at Brady, arms crossed mad face on.  

It looks as though you've learned that anytime you see a camera to put on your best smile. You have learned to be a good friend, use polite words, ride a two wheel bike, draw the most amazing self portrait, make your own breakfast, pick out your own clothes and are learning how to swim.  You still take a nap for 2 hours almost every day and are more adventuresome when trying new foods.  The biggest lessons are yet to be taught or learned for that matter and I can't wait.  I try really hard each day to teach you by doing my best, but notice that you pick up on some of my faults.  I guess that is where the saying "do as I say not as I do" comes in to play. 

You have continued to be a wonderful student.  In school, soccer, gymnastics and daily life you listen, pay attention and take what you have been told and apply it immediately. You have recently been interested in how things are spelled and wanting to learn how to read. Your teacher is confident that you are ready for KINDERGARTEN!!  What??  How can you already be going to kindergarten??

You are turning into a wonderful big sister. Brady looks to you for help and you are, most of the time, willing to do just that.  I love it when you use your Mama voice and tell Brady "good boy Brady" You are doing a great job teaching him the ropes around the house, I am so proud of you!!  

We went to lunch at the Corvette Diner for you birthday with Steph, Jaclyn and Bella!!
Poor Brady, the only boy!!
Steph, Jaclyn, Bella, Rylee, Brady, Mama at birthday lunch
 Brady loved playing all the games and the best part was that he needed not one token.  He was so content pushing all the buttons and watching all the lights on all the game machines.

Rylee was the big winner on the wheel of fortune game.  She hit the jackpot for 500 tickets, we all couldn't believe it!!  The sad part was that all the tickets were electronic so not one ticket came spitting out :(
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Fun ridding a motorcycle!!
Rylee always wants to go to sushi for her birthday.  This year we went to Love Boat Sushi and it was great.  They turn off all the lights and sing happy birthday and put a crazy hat on you for you birthday  . . . She loved it!!!

Rylee and Yaya live for As Seen on TV items.  Anything Rylee sees and wants Yaya buys!!  So she REALLY wanted something called a cuddle cuddle puppet.  It's basically a blanket with the head of a unicorn as a puppet on one end.  Of course Yaya bought it and was bringing it to her birthday party the day after her birthday.  Bad idea on my part.  On the morning of her birthday she opened all the presents from Chris and I  and there was no cuddle cuddle puppet :(
All was better when Yaya and JJ showed up the next day with the coveted present and a new bike!!!!!!
Rylee and Mackenzie
 There was a new animated kids movie coming out the week of Rylee's birthday so we rounded up her friends for dinner and a movie birthday party.  We started at Pat and Oscars and then walked over to the movie.
Rylee and Bella
Cody, Laini, Chloe, Mackenzie, Kiera, Rylee, Quinn, Bella, Logan, Colton, Brady
 The kids were so cute all eating together and walking over to the movie together!

There was the claw game at the movie theater that all the girls wanted to play.  One million Hello Kitty dolls with one never going to pick it up claw.  All the mom's walked passed it the kids asking can I play this one and the mom's saying no it will never work.  I turn my back for one second, look over and see the Hello Kitty doll being carried across the glass and down into the chute.  Rylee and won the Hello Kitty!!!!!  None of us could believe it.  This was one of Rylee's luckiest days. . .  first the jackpot of tickets and then the Hello Kitty!!
Happiest Birthday Girl

After her birthday extravaganza Rylee had her very first friend sleepover!!  We got home from the movies, opened her presents and then the girls didn't go to sleep until 10:30.  They were having so much fun giggling and talking.  I can't believe they are old enough for sleepovers . . .  Steph and I used to talk about the day when we would be able to watch them play at the park and get to sit back and watch, I never once thought this far ahead!!
Happy 5th Birthday Rylee I hope we made it a special day for you!!
Holy Moly I have a 5 year old!!! 

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