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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Weekend That Will Live in Infamy. SHANIA!

Guess who's back!? Guest blogger extraordinaire, Cousin Corny. You've all heard the Vegas story from the side of the flu ridden, now I'm here to bring you the not sick version.

For those of you who have ever partied with or been on an excursion with my dear cousin Whitney, you know she is the life of the party, the planner, the go to girl, and the leader of the pack. She plans dinners, bar hops, mixes drinks, finds fun places to go, and is always there to tell you what is appropriate behavior at a bar (hint: DON'T SIT DOWN). Imagine our dismay when Whitney complained of "car sickness" and we all rallied behind to get our leader back to health. "Take a Dramamine!" "Drink water!" "Sit in the sun!" were just a few of the things we all bossed at her in a panic when we noticed she was going downhill. In an attempt to keep the party going, Bryn and I decided to leave the sick one behind and hit the pool but in true Whitney fashion, she rallied, put on her suit, and even ordered a Lava Flow! If that's not brave, I don't know what is. At the pool, we people watched, drank, tanned, and checked on Whitney every 5 minutes as she got nauseous every time she flipped over. Car sickness, I think not. 

The bathroom bar
Fast forward to the hotel room, post pool, and Whitney would like the "heater to be turned off." Let me remind you, we were in Las Vegas where I would like to meet anyone who has ever used a heater in their lives in that city. Five minutes later, she wanted the "air conditioning off." Chills. WHITNEY HAD THE FLU. Out of commission. Dinner reservations, CANCELLED. Bar hopping, CANCELLED. Our fearless leader was out for the count and we were all confused. In another attempt to keep the party going as Whitney taught us, Bryn and I had a brilliant idea to move the party into the bathroom. It's big, there are mirrors, music can be played, and a bathtub is a perfect ice holder. Why not? We drank, we ate a cheese platter, we danced in the glass shower, and finally we got ready for the new plan: Blue Man Group, sans Whitney. 

As my mom, my aunt, Bryn, and myself headed out for the revamped first night in Vegas, we all cringed a little as we left Whitney behind in her bed, sound asleep, and apparently struck by the plague. A few beers and 4 bean burritos later, we were ready for Blue Man Group! The party must go on... only it kind of didn't. We all fell asleep at least once (remember, my mom and I flew in at 7AM and Bryn and Allison drove all day). Those little Blue Men scared me a little but it was fun nonetheless. Not exactly a night on the strip but it sure was fun to have some bonding time with the girls of the family while our blonde leader slept away her flu bug (or so we hoped). 

Blue Man Group without our 5th member
Bellagio Water Show. Minus Whitney 
The next morning, Whitney came busting in the non-sick room, "What's for breakfast!? I want to be included! I'm ready to rally!" We were all so excited! Bryn and I set out on an excursion for food that Whitney could stomach so we could get the trip back on track (and did I mention, met Missy Franklin during all of this chaos) Unfortunately, that rally lasted about 20 minutes and Whitney had migrated from 24 hours in bed, to an entire day in the bathroom. The non sick people left her to her own devices, hoping we'd return and the magic of Las Vegas would cure her. Meanwhile, we watched the Bellagio water show, ate lunch at Serendipity, shopped, and even tried to meet people from Craigslist to sell her ticket (and Mimi's)! 

With show time fast approaching and our Vegas fun continuing without one member of the group, Whitney shocked us. In true fashion, she got up, showered (good call), got dressed, and:
-made her way down the elevator and almost passed out
-held onto my arm through the casino while eating a starburst in order to keep from passing out
She made it! 
-conquered two escalator rides with a stop at the top where we were confronted by an EMT
-and finally found our seat where she was greeted by lasers and strobe lights that threw her back into a nauseated state for the beginning number. Thanks, Shania. 
After all, we were all glad she made it. Shania is my absolute favorite and I owe that to Bryn and Whitney. I always jump at a chance to spend time with my big cousins and this weekend was no different. Even with the flu, the partying in the bathroom, the weird Blue Men, and a trip to the Chandelier Bar without Whitney, we managed to have fun and make memories. I will never be too old to look up to Bryn and Whitney. Each time I spend with them, they teach me something, take care of me, and remind me why I am lucky to have such great family. Plus, spending time with my mom and Best Aunt isn't so bad either :) They handled Vegas like champs! (for example, my mother walking the strip with a yard of margarita and my aunt taking a shot in the bathroom). 

It's never a dull moment with the Gould crew and I love every minute of it. We missed you Mimi! And we kind of missed you too Whit since I guess you were MIA half the trip! Glad everyone made it out alive! 

Until next girl's trip!

Cousin Corny. 

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