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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Vegas Baby

In the last year or so Courtney has tried to get all us girls together to go see Shania Twain.  She credits Bryn and I for introducing her to country music via the mixed tape of all Shania Twain music a hundred years ago!!! We found that she was playing in Las Vegas and we thought no brainer lets go!!  It was also perfect timing for Mimi's 80th birthday, and what better place than Vegas for the Gambling Granny.  Bought the tickets, booked the hotel and air fair and we were ready. 

As luck would have it, Mimi got sick and couldn't make the trip, we were sad she couldn't go but we partied on, jumped in the car and we were off.  On the drive my stomach started to get a little queasy about Baker I thought I was going to loose it due to what I thought was car sickness. 

We packed the car like we were staying for a week.  We had liqueur, party packs, food and more outfits than one person could wear in a week. 

The weather was beautiful and we were happy to be in Vegas.  Court and Stacey flew in super early that morning so they were already liquored up and ready to party.  We went to lunch at Margaritaville and walked the strip.  When we got back to the room mom had made everyone the cuteset little gift bags, with all the Vegas essentials. . . Advil, band aids, jewelry, cookies, lip gloss, shot glasses and vodka!!!

I think everyone wanted to make sure we had a great time so they all sent us champagne.  Chris and Mimi and Grandpa sent us Champagne to set the tone of the trip, too bad that tone didn't continue!!

This is right about the time I slipped into bed and didn't get out for the next 48 hours.  I thought it was just a little car sickness (nothing Dramamine can't fix), I almost fainted at the check in desk and barley made it up the elevator without puking, but before I knew it I had the full blown flu. . . back to the gift store for Pepto and then a return visit for Immodium (TMI I know!!)  Everyone tried to be so accommodating to my sickness, Bryn and Courtney wanted nothing to do with me they bailed out of the fun room and into Auntie Stacey's room as soon as they heard the word flu. 

They even thought it appropriate to drink in the bathroom!!!  The first night everyone went to the Blue Man Group without me and I think they had a great time (would have been more fun if I was there) but I'm glad they kept going and enjoyed a little girl time.

I was in bed the whole next day but managed to make it out for the concert, but let me be the first to tell you it wasn't pretty.  At one point I texted my mom to sell my ticket because I couldn't lift my head off the pillow.  Just before they were about to make the transaction I pulled myself together and texted her back that I was going to make it!!!! I was nearly sent back to the room, after I almost fainted again after coming down the elevators.  Then traveling up 2 flights of escalators almost made me pass out, a Ceaser's employee asked me if I needed the EMT's and for a second I wanted to say YES!!!!


The show was fantastic and Courtney must have said it was her happiest day two million times.  I hope everyone had a great time . . . now that I feel better lets schedule the next girls trip  . . .

I'm READY!!!

This trip went a whole different way for the other four family members involved so I'll let Courtney tell you the other side of the story!!

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  1. I am so sorry that Whitney was so sick! I was in Las Vegas just a couple of days before you all went! So sad i missed saying hello there! You are such a fun family and do great things together! We love the Tavaglione & Gould family! We just can't help it! Love ya, Tricia Wilson