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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dorothy and Fishy Fish

First pet . . . . and its a fish!!!!

Rylee had been asking for a dog for a couple weeks and it was driving me nuts.  I do kind of feel bad being that I'm not really an animal person and Chris really is.  Rylee has become really good with Bryn and Scott's dogs and my Nonnie and Papa's dog, so this is where the dog asking came from.  She thinks she is the dog whisperer!!
So finally I told her, why don't you ask Daddy tonight when he gets home tonight if you can have a fish (better than a dog and I assumed he would say no because he gets home late from work).  I prepped her and everything, "if Daddy says no you say, its ok maybe another time"  she said "and maybe if I can't have a fish I can have a snail" . . . PERFECT!!
Chris gets home, she asks, he says sure what time does petco close??
At this point I tell Chris you and Rylee go get the fish, Brady and I will wait for your return with fish.  As these words left my lips I could see the wheels in Chris's head turning . . . I just knew he would return to tell me that I needed to be home between 10 and 2 the following day so they could come and install the fish tank!!
Change of plans I'll go with you.  I am thinking one goldfish and a glass bowl and Chris is thinking aquarium with 30 fish.
We all head off to Petco and sure enough Chris and Rylee head for the big 'ol fish tanks.  I keep Brady busy looking at all the fish when I overhear Chris talking to some lady and he's saying
"30 gallons can hold how many fish???" 
 Really  . . . do I know my husband or do I know my husband???
I quickly intervene to tell him my plan of one fish in a small fish bowl.  We settle on this small fish tank with two beta fish, one for each.  Chris convinces me that "we" might be able to keep them alive longer in this environment (I forgot to mention that I have killed every fish we've ever won at the fair, not one fish has made it passed 24 hours . . .whooops!!)
Rylee names hers Dorothy and Brady names his Fishy Fish.
2 fish
1 fish tank
1 bag of rocks
2 plants
1 bottle of fish surviving liquid
$100 later we have 2 new pets!!!
Brady is really the one that likes them the best.  Every time he wakes up the first words are "I see fish??" and when we go to bed he says "nigh night fish" He was a little mad they didn't make it in his room or at a level he could put his hands in!!
There is this divider in the tank because Beta fish are fighting fish and they will kill each other if they are together.  The first morning Rylee runs in our room and says that Dorothy isn't in her tank, but on the other side with Fishy Fish . . . . SHIT!!!  Chris and I run in there thinking that one will be dead and not lived in our home more than 12 hours.  Come to find that both fish are swimming on the same side!!!  Chris quickly scoops out Dorothy and returned her to her respective side. . . Crisis averted and they have been alive for one week!!!  That's quite an accomplishment in our house  . . . Go Us!!

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