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Friday, June 14, 2013

Memorial Day, Anniversary, and Cousin Corny's Birthday Bash!

The happy couple 
Your favorite Guest Blogger is back to invade Whitney's Wild World! Cousin Corny has been hired to report on the excitement that was the Memorial Day/Anniversary/Birthday Extravaganza!

Three days after my 18th birthday, Whitney and Chris tied the knot in one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies I have ever seen. Thus marks the day that Chris and Whitney were married, Chris became my cousin-in-law, and we forever will have 4 reasons to celebrate on Memorial Day weekend for the rest of our lives (I think I'm the only one celebrating Chris and I becoming cousins but hey, no one is complaining about another reason to have a party and a chilled shot of patron).

On my 21st birthday, I hightailed it to Newport to hit the town with Bryn (Whitney was very pregnant with the B Man, Bryn and I almost got on a boat with people from Ireland) and needless to say, we all realized very quickly that the Anniversary/Birthday/Memorial Day madness needed to continue once Whitney was no longer with child and once Bryn and I learned that getting on boats is not a good life choice.
Aunt B & Corny 

The NorCal Crew- Megan & Jacque 
This year, I decided to take my two best friends to meet up with my other two best friends/cousins and make the weekend even more exciting. When I told Whitney my plan she responded with, "YES! Do I need to rent a boat? Get a cake?!" There is nothing this woman leaves unplanned. I crashed Whitney and Chris's anniversary, begged Bryn to skip the river, packed up the car and 6 hours later we were invading SoCal. I saw Rylee in April for her birthday so I was so excited that she got to celebrate mine with me. She called me before I left town and said, "I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU! ARE YOU COMING FOR A SLEEPOVER!?" And I knew at that moment that my choice to spend my weekend with my favorite people was an excellent one.

The first night was low key after hours of travel and sun. Rylee, Jacque and I swam in the ocean until our heart's content, dug for "tickle crabs," and body surfed. Rylee picked up almost every single sea shell on the beach and made me a mosaic and said very sternly, "Corny. These are yours. Please take them home. I made this for your birthday." That little girl knows just what to say to melt my heart.
Corny and Rylee reunited!
A little ice cream and some B Man love 
The B Man doesn't hate me nearly as much as years past and he loved going in the water and being chased. I swear the kid only likes me when he gets to run AWAY from me but I'll take what I can get. He now calls me "corky" and it is the sweetest thing you've ever heard.

The first night at the beach, Rylee brought her sleeping bag across the street, put on her jammies, and partied with the big girls! It was her best day. Just writing about it makes me the happiest cousin because I know she will remember that night forever. We got my computer out, snuggled up in my bed, and turned on The Lorax. Rylee knew every word, every part, and giggled her heart out. We braided hair, giggled some more, gossiped, and finally she said, "I'm tired now Corny." And just like that, she went right to sleep. She slept like a baby but I think I woke up every five minutes in a panic that she was going to fall off the bed! The next morning I woke up to her little blonde head on my shoulder and she said, "Corny will you read to me?" and all of the sudden I was no longer wondering why I was up at 6 AM. Totally worth it.
Big girl sleepover! 

Day two began with Bloody Mary's and a beach day. Bryn, Jacque, Megan, and I rode our bikes to Balboa and indulged in margaronas (margarita's mixed with Corona) that were bigger than our heads! While the drinks were a hit, the bike ride home was a story in itself. With Bryn at the head of the parade, we high-fived every single person going down the boardwalk, got offered shots from random people on patios (don't worry, we took zero), and even had a minor collision (not my fault but for some reason I'm always part of the wreckage). I guess we were so entertaining to watch that the guy in front of us was taking a picture that Bryn thought she was photobombing and it turns out, he was really trying to just get a picture of the weird girls behind him (aka us!). It was hysterical and very standard for Bryn and I. We always have the most random moments of laughter and weirdness and this was no different. That night Whitney and Chris hit the town for their anniversary dinner (looking like fifty million bucks I might add) and we had a cousin night with dinner and fun at the beach house.
I got to open my gifts from the family and of course, I was given bracelets to match Whitney and I all the sudden felt like Rylee, so excited to be matching with my big cousin. I guess that excitement never goes away no matter how old you get.

Nothing like a beach jam session
Biking with my best cousin 
Free giant drink courtesy of Whitney 
Our last day was quite eventful. We hit the beach again and swam in the ocean all day long. I swear, Megan, Jacque, and I thought we were mermaids. You would have thought we were olympic swimmers (far from) the way we were swimming out and diving in waves. It was so much fun to let loose, swim, play with Rylee, boogie board, and body surf. After 24 years of spending zillions of days in Newport, I think it's been at least ten years since I enjoyed the ocean so much. We met some randoms on the beach who had a guitar and good singing voices and naturally, we invited them onto our towels to sing us some good old fashion country music and enjoy a relaxing evening on the beach. Rylee was dancing and doing cartwheels, we were singing, dancing, and made some new friends. That night, Whitney had her ultimate big cousin moment. I'm learning as I get older that Whitney knows I will basically do anything she tells me, even if my gut tells me not to, and this night was no different. She told me that this year her new lesson for me is, "What can we do to make this happen!?" and we implemented that all night long at Saddle Ranch. 2 hour wait? No problem. What can we do to make this happen? Sit outside where we want, make friends with the manager, get free shots, and a free giant drink with cotton candy in it all because the heat lamp didn't work. Get cold and decide we want a table inside? No problem. What can we do to make this happen?! Just be nice to the hostess, use your new manager friend to cut the wait time down, and secure a spot right next to the mechanical bull. Needless to say, the new motto was working out flawlessly. Whitney convinced Megan and I to ride the bull (somehow Jacque was spared after an injury with the curling iron the night before). Not only did she get us to do it once, she got us to do it twice. She also got us new drinks when our first ones were gross, and convinced me to try and chug a Corona after I specifically said my chugging skills are less than stellar. To say we had fun would be an understatement. You can always count on Whitney and Chris to show everyone a good time and this night was no different. I am so glad they let my friends and I crash their anniversary weekend to have some fun with us.

"What do we need to do to make this happen!?"
Memorial Day/Birthday/Anniversary weekend was a hit. Bryn was the bartender (Chris retired after seeing Bryn's skills with the margarita machine), Whitney was the party planner, and my girlfriends and I were the cool big girls that got to hang with Rylee and bask in the joy of Newport. With all parts in working order, our family throws one damn good celebration. Another successful cousin weekend is in the books and I a reminded once again how lucky I am to have Whitney and Bryn in my life to show me the ropes and always have a good time with me.

Until the next reason to celebrate!



Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last year of preschool . . . tear!!

1st day of preschool
Last day of preschool
 Well the pictures say it all (mostly becuase I'm to sad to write anything else)!! 
Rylee has had a wonderful time at RBCPC and I can't believe it's all over.
 Watch out Kindergarten here comes RYLEE!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

2nd Annual Girls Newport Trip


Newport Beach is a place that is near and dear to my heart.  The weather is perfect, the view is perfect and for the second time the company was perfect too!! 

Going to NB with a bunch of my close girlfriends has quickly become a tradition, 2nd annual to be exact. We all have kids the same age and can all commiserate with each other.  It's a perfect combination of many different personalities.  I couldn't be happeier with the group of girls that make this trip happen.  We once again packed ourselves into the Escalade and we were on our way.

This year we didn't have to much planned.  We sat on the patio ate, drank and talked.  This year Amy and Kristi were pregnant and Court and Trish had just had babies.  Steph and I were still in the same boat :)

This particular weekend happened to center around the 600 Million Powerball jackpot.  We all decided that we were going to win.  So a couple of us hopped on bikes and headed over to buy, what we were certain, was the winning Powerball numbers.  The rest of the trip we sat contemplating what car we were going to buy with our winnings, and all the million of other fun things we were going to do with our millions.   Sad to say we didn't win, even sadder was the fact that will all the numbers we had bought the most we got on one line was 2 . . . booooo!

Just a mini photo shoot before we stepped out for the night!

I decided that we should go to Javier's in Newport.  Get dressed up a little and hit the town.

Margaritas and beers hit the table and we were so happy to have preggo sober drivers to chauffeur us around.  I climbed in the passengers seat to navigate us to our next location.  Apparently I'm a little bossy when I'm in the passengers seat.  I've heard it from Chris many a time, but now hearing it from sober Courtney last year and sober Amy this year I'm starting to think I should just sit back and ride!! 

 After we decided that Javier's was a little too crowded for us, we headed over to Saddle Ranch to see if we could get someone on the bull!!  Guess what??  We did!!  Guess who??  Not telling, it was a bull ride that will go down with the ship.  I only hope that if I ever do get on the bull I will do half as good as she did!
Saddle Ranch was fun.  Steph saw this giant pink cotton candy going by us every 10 minutes so we thought we should probably have some!!

And the GIANT martini covered in cotton candy to go with it!!
  As the night drew to a close everyone had only one thing on their mind . . . .
We swung by the donut store to pick up a couple for our late night craving before devouring them almost instantly!!

The next day we were all pretty tired.  We had a boat ride planned but since no one was moving to quickly we thought it better to sit in the sun a little more on the patio chatting away.  It is so refreshing to be just women without our kids and talk about girl stuff and just relax. I speak for the group when I say "we love to be stay at home moms" it is a great job and Mom is a fantastic title. But sometimes I just want to be Whitney instead of Rylee and Brady's Mom.  24 hours away was just perfect I think we all recharged our batteries and were kind of ready to head back to our beautiful families
 We stoped and ate at the Dive Bar before skipping out of town.
I hope everyone had a great time.  I know I did.  Going to Newport feels like my second  home and I am lucky that I get to share that with some of my best friends.
  Can't wait until our 3rd annual girls Newport trip!!


Brady's first visit to the fire station and he LOVED it!!!  I wasn't really surprised.  He loves anything with wheels, typical boy, and anything with lights is a fire truck.  I was surprised that Rylee HATES fire trucks.  She wouldn't even get near one, non the less get inside one.  She also doesn't like garbage trucks and I found out why . . . she is afraid that one will run over Brady (that is a whole other post)
Brooks and Brady looking less than excited!
 We went with Brady's playgroup to our neighborhood fire station to check out everything fireman related.   I found out that Brady actually liked the ambulance more than the fire trucks.  There were 2 fire trucks, an ambulance and a motorcycle one of the fire fighters had come in on.  At first he was all about the motorcycle until he found out he could get inside all the trucks AND push any button he wanted to, and let me tell you  . . . . he pushed them all!
Rylee warming up to the idea of a fire truck!
You're not being arrested!!

 There was so much button pushing I was so nervous that he was going to break something.  But the super nice fire fighters assured me nothing could be broken.  They did the lights, the sirens, rode the drivers seat up and down and got to put on the headphones.  Brady was in hog heaven, it might be the happiest I have ever seen the kid!!

At the end of our visit they got stickers and fireman hats.  Brady loves it and calls it his fire hat!  What can I say the kid loves a fire truck!!