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Thursday, June 6, 2013

2nd Annual Girls Newport Trip


Newport Beach is a place that is near and dear to my heart.  The weather is perfect, the view is perfect and for the second time the company was perfect too!! 

Going to NB with a bunch of my close girlfriends has quickly become a tradition, 2nd annual to be exact. We all have kids the same age and can all commiserate with each other.  It's a perfect combination of many different personalities.  I couldn't be happeier with the group of girls that make this trip happen.  We once again packed ourselves into the Escalade and we were on our way.

This year we didn't have to much planned.  We sat on the patio ate, drank and talked.  This year Amy and Kristi were pregnant and Court and Trish had just had babies.  Steph and I were still in the same boat :)

This particular weekend happened to center around the 600 Million Powerball jackpot.  We all decided that we were going to win.  So a couple of us hopped on bikes and headed over to buy, what we were certain, was the winning Powerball numbers.  The rest of the trip we sat contemplating what car we were going to buy with our winnings, and all the million of other fun things we were going to do with our millions.   Sad to say we didn't win, even sadder was the fact that will all the numbers we had bought the most we got on one line was 2 . . . booooo!

Just a mini photo shoot before we stepped out for the night!

I decided that we should go to Javier's in Newport.  Get dressed up a little and hit the town.

Margaritas and beers hit the table and we were so happy to have preggo sober drivers to chauffeur us around.  I climbed in the passengers seat to navigate us to our next location.  Apparently I'm a little bossy when I'm in the passengers seat.  I've heard it from Chris many a time, but now hearing it from sober Courtney last year and sober Amy this year I'm starting to think I should just sit back and ride!! 

 After we decided that Javier's was a little too crowded for us, we headed over to Saddle Ranch to see if we could get someone on the bull!!  Guess what??  We did!!  Guess who??  Not telling, it was a bull ride that will go down with the ship.  I only hope that if I ever do get on the bull I will do half as good as she did!
Saddle Ranch was fun.  Steph saw this giant pink cotton candy going by us every 10 minutes so we thought we should probably have some!!

And the GIANT martini covered in cotton candy to go with it!!
  As the night drew to a close everyone had only one thing on their mind . . . .
We swung by the donut store to pick up a couple for our late night craving before devouring them almost instantly!!

The next day we were all pretty tired.  We had a boat ride planned but since no one was moving to quickly we thought it better to sit in the sun a little more on the patio chatting away.  It is so refreshing to be just women without our kids and talk about girl stuff and just relax. I speak for the group when I say "we love to be stay at home moms" it is a great job and Mom is a fantastic title. But sometimes I just want to be Whitney instead of Rylee and Brady's Mom.  24 hours away was just perfect I think we all recharged our batteries and were kind of ready to head back to our beautiful families
 We stoped and ate at the Dive Bar before skipping out of town.
I hope everyone had a great time.  I know I did.  Going to Newport feels like my second  home and I am lucky that I get to share that with some of my best friends.
  Can't wait until our 3rd annual girls Newport trip!!

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