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Friday, July 5, 2013

" . . . I never want to come back to the DESERT!!"

Here is the jist of Palm Springs.
Mom won a two night stay in Palm Springs at an auction. 
We loaded up the car packed up the kids headed for Palm Springs. 
The road was horrible. 
We made it to the desert first thing Rylee does is kick a cactus!!
We head to the pool, Rylee meets weird girl learns to swim.
 We realized at dinner Rylee has cactus needles in her foot we take her to urgent care! 
Sad day :(
Scott takes Brady on an excursion and Brady  steps in pile of ants and they eat up his leg. Thanks Scott!
We decide we need more fun … we pack up the car and the kids and go to Rancho Las Palmas. 
They have water slides and a lazy river with tubes. The desert is HOT!!
Tried to take pictures of the children they won't look up to smile because of the sun … it's too hot a.k.a. We hate the desert!
We celebrate Chris's birthday … he eats cake in bed with Brady and we go to dinner at Tommy Bahamas. 
  Conclusion of Palm Springs mini vacation is Rylee hates the desert, Rylee hates cactus, the desert is hot and we decide we are not desert people we are beach people!!


  1. Hahahah maybe my favorite blog ever.

  2. Specifically she hates a "medium cactus"