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Thursday, June 6, 2013


Brady's first visit to the fire station and he LOVED it!!!  I wasn't really surprised.  He loves anything with wheels, typical boy, and anything with lights is a fire truck.  I was surprised that Rylee HATES fire trucks.  She wouldn't even get near one, non the less get inside one.  She also doesn't like garbage trucks and I found out why . . . she is afraid that one will run over Brady (that is a whole other post)
Brooks and Brady looking less than excited!
 We went with Brady's playgroup to our neighborhood fire station to check out everything fireman related.   I found out that Brady actually liked the ambulance more than the fire trucks.  There were 2 fire trucks, an ambulance and a motorcycle one of the fire fighters had come in on.  At first he was all about the motorcycle until he found out he could get inside all the trucks AND push any button he wanted to, and let me tell you  . . . . he pushed them all!
Rylee warming up to the idea of a fire truck!
You're not being arrested!!

 There was so much button pushing I was so nervous that he was going to break something.  But the super nice fire fighters assured me nothing could be broken.  They did the lights, the sirens, rode the drivers seat up and down and got to put on the headphones.  Brady was in hog heaven, it might be the happiest I have ever seen the kid!!

At the end of our visit they got stickers and fireman hats.  Brady loves it and calls it his fire hat!  What can I say the kid loves a fire truck!!

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