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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fourth of July Fun and SUN!!!

The beach is fun anytime you are there but good Lord it is WAY more fun when the sun is out!! 

Rylee has really taken to the boogie board, become one with the ocean and loves rolling in the sand when she comes out of the water. She is fearless in the water, considering she doesn't know how to swim.  She learned first hand that boogie boarding in a two piece gives you a rash, so what better way to combat that then with a rash guard . . . and it's super cute too!
This kid is Crazy with a capital C!! Brady is a totally new beach kid this summer.  He wears his hat everyday, knows where his bathing suit is and has the sunscreen routine down.  He wants to carry his own towel to and from the beach too, and that's pretty cute.  I thought Rylee was the fearless one boy was I wrong.  Brady follows Rylee out into the deep water and big waves.  He is up to his neck taking every wave straight to the face like a champ.
 He doesn't mind being sandy, doesn't require a hole, just runs in and out of the water following everything Rylee does!  When he is done he will tell us
"all done beach!" and he's out!  He was taking 3-4 hour naps.  We would come off the beach around 2:30 and he would sleep until dinner . . .  WINNER . . .or so I thought until he was up at 10pm . . . well that's vacation for ya!!!

Thankfully the fourth was a pretty day.  There were a million people at the beach, but we got our spot and stayed there all day.
Fourth of July on the beach!
#30dayofvacay make you miss your Daddy, so when Chris was at the beach he sure does make the most of it.  He is a wonderful beach Dad!!

Uncle Ryan came down to spend the holiday with us.  It was great Chris and Ryan were in the water with the kids the whole time and I got to sit back watch and take pictures.

Happy 4th of July
 We missed Bryn and Scott this year but hope they will be in for the fourth next year!!
 Megan and Brent braved the crowds and came down to visit.  The kids were so cute hugging and kissing each other.  It's fun to have beach buddies!!!

The annual 26th street picture looked pretty good this year.  Little Caleb made the photo and we found out that Talia's little one will be joining us next year!!! 
We kind of made it out for the fire works.  We took our blankets out to the beach but the fire works are so far away it was very anticlimactic for the kids.  Brady loved the rouge fireworks that the random person would set off next to us on the beach.  He clapped and cheered like some one lit it just for him!!!

After the Fourth of July mayhem, Chris and I took the kids down to the fun zone to have a little fun.  We stopped at the arcade where the kids played games and won enough tickets to each get a little something. 

The fun zone has changed a little over the years.  The beloved carousel is gone but they have added a mechanical shark, bungee thingy, and a spinning water orb thing.  Rylee loves the bungee, she wants to do it every time we go down to Balboa.  So of course she asked and we said yes and the attendant said "two??" pointing to the kids Chris and I unanimously said "No One!!"  Brady protested!  We were beyond shocked when Brady followed right up behind Rylee asking for his turn.  I couldn't believe it or maybe I didn't want to believe that my little baby was big enough or wanted to do big boy things . . . tear!!

We took the ferry over to Balboa Island

And my very favorite part of Newport Beach life is book reading with Grandpa!  Brady has entered the mix and I'm not quite sure if everyone (Gramps and Rylee) are OK with this.  So far Brady only likes one book and HATES all the Fancy Nancy books.  One night Mom, Mimi and I were down stairs while book reading was happening; there was lots of noise coming from the back bedroom.  We ventured into find them doing the Conga and having a dance party!!!!!!!
We try to let Mimi and Gramps have a little time without the crazies, because too much time could make a person nuts (me, case in point)!  So Mom and I thought it would be fun to take the kids to Sonic Burger and run some errands in preparation of Movie Night.  The kids loved it, they loved the guy on roller skates, the food on the window and of course the tater tots!  Mom wanted them to have tot grabbers too!  Successful time at Sonic and got all of errands taken care of!

Ever since the sun came out on 26th street we have been happy beach goers.  If the weather stays like this, Rylee might have to invest in some more big girl panties!!!

#30daysofvacay . . . NO SUN

It's no secret that Newport Beach is my second home.  I Love to be there, the kids love to be there, I mean really. . .who wouldn't??  Over Spring break I was already thinking about summer and how much time I could spend on 26th street.  I mentioned to Gramps that I thought it would be fun to spend the whole month of July or so at the beach.  And to my surprise he thought it was a great idea too . . . score!!  Mentioned it to Chris and he said . . .  SEE YA!!!  My Mom took some time off so she could be with us on our 30 day adventure.  This was going to be awesome, just like my childhood, packing up and ready enjoy beach life. 
Rylee always wants to know how long we are going to stay where ever it is we are going, even if it's just an over night.  She started gauging this by how many pairs of "big girl panties" I would pack in her suitcase.  As I started to pull out every ones suitcases she asked me how many night we were going to spend at the beach.  I said a couple weeks or so . . . she asked again "how many nights?"  I randomly threw out . . . "30 nights"  She ran into her room and then ran back into my room with 30 PAIRS OF BIG GIRL PANTIES!!!  It was first, shocking that she actually counted out 30 pairs and then secondly, that she HAD 30 pairs!!!  That is how #30daysofvacay came about!

I can remember summers that were beautiful one day after the other.  Then there are other summers that are drab and the sun never comes out.  The first week of our vacay and it wasn't looking good, the sun would make its way out about 4pm and last maybe an hour.  This was not the #30daysofvacay I was looking for. 

When the sun doesn't come out at the beach there are many other things to do but the best thing to do is  . . . GO SHOPPING!!!

Play games, cards  and  . . .

 . . . make popcorn . . .
 . . . go on bike rides with no shirts on and  . . .
 . . . go out to lunch with the girls (and Brady)!!!
The kids were in the shopping spirit too, browsing the Target ads picking out their next toy for Yaya to buy!
When Mom's around and there is a cupboard in disarray there is nobody, literally NOBODY that can organize a closet, drawer, pantry or cupboard like my mother.  It really is an amazing talent she has!!
We did make it to the beach in the clouds and fog, Yaya and I were under our beach towels but the kids were loving the water . . . they didn't seem to care.  One day we were on the beach until 6pm.  Rylee said what about dinner and Bryn said  . . . Rylee you missed dinner!!!  There is no schedule when you are on vacay.
 We celebrated Brady's 3rd birthday at the beach with birthday cinnamon rolls!!! Lucky little kiddo!
And of course we had to bring along our "pet silk worms" they didn't care that there was so sun and we left them to go shopping, perfect little pets!!
On to Fourth of July . . .  LET THERE BE SUN!!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

A gift for Mom

My mom thought it would be a fun idea to get pictures of Bryn and I in our wedding dresses. We thought it would be great to surprise her with the pictures a little after Mother's Day. Bryn and I packed up all our wedding accoutrements and headed out to field to take our sisterly wedding pics. At the last moment I took Rylee along to get shots of her in my wedding dress for nostalgia later when she gets married.
When I was engaged we pulled out my moms wedding dress for us to look at and try on. Even though it was boxed up so nicely it had yellowed and was unwearable. Se had the most amazing veil and it was still in great shape. She took her dress and had a handkerchief made from her dress with the veil as trim and gave Bryn and i each one to have as a memento of her on our wedding day. We brought these along with us for the pictures. 
My wonderful friend Trish took our pictures and scouted the location. She said "I found a great place, you don't mind jumping a barbed wire fence right???"  Of course not, jumped right over and we were ready for picture takin'. Mid wardrobe change in an open field, an old truck with a man and woman came riding up upon us. They were interested in what we were doing and asked how we got in. We mentioned the fence and he replied "you could have just opened the fence!"  Ya but how adventurous is that???
Here are some of our favorites … thanks Trish you out did yourself on this one!!!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

" . . . I never want to come back to the DESERT!!"

Here is the jist of Palm Springs.
Mom won a two night stay in Palm Springs at an auction. 
We loaded up the car packed up the kids headed for Palm Springs. 
The road was horrible. 
We made it to the desert first thing Rylee does is kick a cactus!!
We head to the pool, Rylee meets weird girl learns to swim.
 We realized at dinner Rylee has cactus needles in her foot we take her to urgent care! 
Sad day :(
Scott takes Brady on an excursion and Brady  steps in pile of ants and they eat up his leg. Thanks Scott!
We decide we need more fun … we pack up the car and the kids and go to Rancho Las Palmas. 
They have water slides and a lazy river with tubes. The desert is HOT!!
Tried to take pictures of the children they won't look up to smile because of the sun … it's too hot a.k.a. We hate the desert!
We celebrate Chris's birthday … he eats cake in bed with Brady and we go to dinner at Tommy Bahamas. 
  Conclusion of Palm Springs mini vacation is Rylee hates the desert, Rylee hates cactus, the desert is hot and we decide we are not desert people we are beach people!!