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Thursday, July 18, 2013

#30daysofvacay . . . NO SUN

It's no secret that Newport Beach is my second home.  I Love to be there, the kids love to be there, I mean really. . .who wouldn't??  Over Spring break I was already thinking about summer and how much time I could spend on 26th street.  I mentioned to Gramps that I thought it would be fun to spend the whole month of July or so at the beach.  And to my surprise he thought it was a great idea too . . . score!!  Mentioned it to Chris and he said . . .  SEE YA!!!  My Mom took some time off so she could be with us on our 30 day adventure.  This was going to be awesome, just like my childhood, packing up and ready enjoy beach life. 
Rylee always wants to know how long we are going to stay where ever it is we are going, even if it's just an over night.  She started gauging this by how many pairs of "big girl panties" I would pack in her suitcase.  As I started to pull out every ones suitcases she asked me how many night we were going to spend at the beach.  I said a couple weeks or so . . . she asked again "how many nights?"  I randomly threw out . . . "30 nights"  She ran into her room and then ran back into my room with 30 PAIRS OF BIG GIRL PANTIES!!!  It was first, shocking that she actually counted out 30 pairs and then secondly, that she HAD 30 pairs!!!  That is how #30daysofvacay came about!

I can remember summers that were beautiful one day after the other.  Then there are other summers that are drab and the sun never comes out.  The first week of our vacay and it wasn't looking good, the sun would make its way out about 4pm and last maybe an hour.  This was not the #30daysofvacay I was looking for. 

When the sun doesn't come out at the beach there are many other things to do but the best thing to do is  . . . GO SHOPPING!!!

Play games, cards  and  . . .

 . . . make popcorn . . .
 . . . go on bike rides with no shirts on and  . . .
 . . . go out to lunch with the girls (and Brady)!!!
The kids were in the shopping spirit too, browsing the Target ads picking out their next toy for Yaya to buy!
When Mom's around and there is a cupboard in disarray there is nobody, literally NOBODY that can organize a closet, drawer, pantry or cupboard like my mother.  It really is an amazing talent she has!!
We did make it to the beach in the clouds and fog, Yaya and I were under our beach towels but the kids were loving the water . . . they didn't seem to care.  One day we were on the beach until 6pm.  Rylee said what about dinner and Bryn said  . . . Rylee you missed dinner!!!  There is no schedule when you are on vacay.
 We celebrated Brady's 3rd birthday at the beach with birthday cinnamon rolls!!! Lucky little kiddo!
And of course we had to bring along our "pet silk worms" they didn't care that there was so sun and we left them to go shopping, perfect little pets!!
On to Fourth of July . . .  LET THERE BE SUN!!!!

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