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Monday, July 8, 2013

A gift for Mom

My mom thought it would be a fun idea to get pictures of Bryn and I in our wedding dresses. We thought it would be great to surprise her with the pictures a little after Mother's Day. Bryn and I packed up all our wedding accoutrements and headed out to field to take our sisterly wedding pics. At the last moment I took Rylee along to get shots of her in my wedding dress for nostalgia later when she gets married.
When I was engaged we pulled out my moms wedding dress for us to look at and try on. Even though it was boxed up so nicely it had yellowed and was unwearable. Se had the most amazing veil and it was still in great shape. She took her dress and had a handkerchief made from her dress with the veil as trim and gave Bryn and i each one to have as a memento of her on our wedding day. We brought these along with us for the pictures. 
My wonderful friend Trish took our pictures and scouted the location. She said "I found a great place, you don't mind jumping a barbed wire fence right???"  Of course not, jumped right over and we were ready for picture takin'. Mid wardrobe change in an open field, an old truck with a man and woman came riding up upon us. They were interested in what we were doing and asked how we got in. We mentioned the fence and he replied "you could have just opened the fence!"  Ya but how adventurous is that???
Here are some of our favorites … thanks Trish you out did yourself on this one!!!!!

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