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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My baby is THREE!!

This cannot be happening … 3 years goes by  in a minute … at this pace, driving will be in his imminent future! I can't take it make it slow down. 

Yes, he is a handful most of the time but one look into those blue eyes and you can't remember what he just did. He is becoming such a big boy he's sleeping in a big boy bed. He wants to ride a big boy bike. He is going to the potty more regularly and is ready for preschool.

Eating is still tough. Pretty much hamburgers, pasta, rice, cake cakes and cereal … and all on his schedule of course!!
He is still napping like and angel … 3 hours at the beach… Whoo Hoo! After a hard day in the water at the beach and I'd sleep 3 hours too!!

We are finally getting really good words from Brady. The sentences are getting longer and much more clear.  He has a few cute catchphrases. What the heck? Here you go … And come on anyone!!  His first words in the morning are "iPad get it!" We probably have a problem on our hands!!
Pump it up is a great place for kids birthday parties. It is an indoor facility with huge jumpy's. Brady loves it and has jumped and jumped at every birthday party we've ever gone to. So what better than to have his birthday at pump it up. 
His last two birthday parties were at the water park and so this year I decided he needed a traditional good time birthday party. All week I was prepping him with are you ready for your birthday are you ready for presents are we going to have cake to all of these questions he answered YES!!!  The last question I would ask was are you ready to sing? He answered NOOOOO with hands in the air screaming. I thought for sure he was going to have the first birthday party where we could not sing happy birthday. 
As luck would have it as soon as they set the cake in front of him he started singing along with Rylee. It was so cute they kept looking at each other at the "happy birthday to YOU" part …  so sweet.

Brady got to be at his favorite place for his birthday …THE BEACH!  Nobody tells him no and he loves it. He has all the beach etiquette down pat. Runs upstairs to put his bathing suit on, stands outside ready for sunscreen, knows he has to have his hat on to leave for the beach, and grabs all his sand toys and is ready to walk out to the beach.  
He loves the water, he and Rylee can be in the water all day long. He goes all the way out to his neck and the waves crash into his face every time.
When it's time to eat, he runs to the water and washes his hands off and comes running back to eat his snack on the towel!!
Happy Birthday Brady we love you!!!  I think THREE is going to be a great year for you…

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