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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Forgot my birthday

So . . . I forgot to post about my birthday . . . it went a little like this. . .

Wonderful friends took me to dinner where they proceeded to feed me margarita after margarita . . .
  . . . . . . after margartia . . .

 . . . and then make me take the breathalyzer . . . .09 upon leaving thank goodness I had a DD!!

Wonderful hubby took me to the Kenny Chesney concert . . . .

Wonderful family cooked me my most favorite dinner of the whole year . . . THANKSGIVING DINNER . . . who doesn't want turkey in July!!  Greatest idea ever, I think this is going to be my "go to dinner"
Another year older and I am more than happy and thankful for all I have in life. 

First day of Kindergarten and Preschool

Kindergarten is a big day … and we were ready. Rylee was ready, I was ready! We had done our back-to-school shopping with Yaya at the beach.  Got the lunchbox from Pottery Barn Kids and the backpack from Jacks!  First day of school outfit was picked out and it was ON!!!!!
On Monday we got to go over to the school and enjoy a Popsicle party to find out who Rylee's  teachers was. We walked over with the neighbors which was super fun and they told us that a great teacher was Mrs. Thornburg. I walked the rest of the way hoping that we were going to have her. When the list was posted Rylee ran up and found her name low and behold the teacher was Mrs. Thornburg!!
On Tuesday we got to go and meet the teacher.  
Rylee walked in introduced herself and gave her the basket of apple cookies we had made and walked right in. Mrs. Thornburg proved to be the warm and  fuzzy teacher I was hoping for. We found her seat with her name on the desk and her cubby and spot for lunch and snack bags.
A veteran friend told me to make sure and get to school early on the first day because everyone lines up to take pictures in front of the Monterey Ridge Elementary school sign.
Wednesday came and it was time for the big day. We all got up super early anticipating lots of pictures and lots to get ready for. :-) Brady and Rylee went down had breakfast with daddy and I was ready with Rylee's outfit ready to go. School starts at 9am and for the first 30 days, as a transitional period,  and gets out at 12:55.  We were up and at em at 6:30am!!
 A little curl in her hair pink bow to match silver shoes and she was ready to roll. We took lots of pictures, both Brady and Rylee were ready for school. Brady was so cute thinking it was his first day too. They held their respective signs and humored me with many a picture in many locations.
It really was super fun to be able to walk to school. Chris and Brady joined us on the walk over and we took our picture in front of the school sign and waited for her teacher to greet us at the door.  The bell rang and the kids all lined up in front of their door Rylee was definitely the cutest one there. As they were about to walk in Rylee cried to Chris "Daddy Daddy" he was watching Brady on the swing set. Chris ran over to give her a hug and a kiss. Brady yelled "bye Rylee!" at the top of the swing set.  As Rylee was saying bye to the boys I looked back to give her a hug and a kiss and she was already in the door. That is when the tears started flowing. My big girl was officially a kindergartner!!
It was fun to walk home with Brady, get some alone time with him, see his little personality shine through and let him have a moment while Rylee was at school. You really get a different child when he is all by himself. You can understand him he has a lot to say and believe it or not he has an opinion.
Just a short time later it was time to go pick up Rylee at 12:55 PM. Brady and I walked over anxiously waiting to pick her up. She came walking from a different direction in a line of kids. I watched all the kids walk by not seeing Rylee. I noticed she was at the end. Very unRylee like. She looked so cute with a smile from ear to ear when I asked her "what the heck?"
She is not the type to be at the end of the line, she always wants to be first. She looked at me and yelled "I'm the door closer!" She was so excited and I was not surprised that she was given this job!!
The walk home was bittersweet knowing that we were going to be doing the kindergarten march for the next year.  She is going to learn a lot this year, she is very excited to learn how to read and write and make new friends. Rylee will do exceptionally well in kindergarten she is a great student and loves to learn. I couldn't be more excited for her.

As I sit here writing this (in January) I forgot that I never blogged about Brady's first day in Preschool.  Kinda got overshadowed by Kindergarten . . . Sorry Brady!!!  Love you!!
Cutest preschool pic EVER!!!
The morning started out a little rocky. . . it's our "quick day" as we like to call it.  MWF we don't have to be ready for school until 9 am but on T and TH we have to be ready by 8 am.  And after Brady already took pictures the day before for his "fake" day of school with Rylee he wanted no part of his real day of school pictures!!
This is how I thought Brady's first day of school pictures were going to look . . . with him so where in sight.  
After breakfast he cheered up and joined right in the picture taking process!!  And what a cutie he is!
He is going Tuesdays and Thursdays to RBCPC with Mrs. Leiber and Mrs. Valdes with his friends Tucker, Colton and Cody!!  He has taken Rylee there everyday since he has been born so it was a familiar environment for him and he did the Mommy and Me class there last year.  It is always comfortable to walk into a situation you already know!

He was bound and determined to take the school bus and trash truck with him to school and the way the morning was progressing I wasn't going to say no!
He put his bucket up on the rack and walked right in like a big boy.  I was so proud of him.  He is a handful and you never know what you are going to get.  I was so happy that he walked right in and joined the kids.  

Where has the time gone, my babies are all going to school!!
 More time for Mama!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gordon Gould Lives On!!!

This was too funny not to post!
Rylee in her Great Great Grandfathers Fedora

I remember when Mimi and Gramps lived up in Los Gatos they had this hat rack thingy.  There were many hats up and down the rack . . . Fedoras, a Chinese Coolie, Derby hats, a Pith Helmet from India and a random assortment of others.  We used to think, as kids, that they were so much fun to try on.
One night during our #30daysofvacy Gramps comes out with this box and low and behold all of the hats come out.  The kids thought, just as we did, that they would be fun to play with trying all of them on.
At the bottom of the box Gramps pulls out this . . . .

Grandpa Gordon Goulds Sailor Uniform, dress blues, from 1917 in WWI.
Rank: petty officer third class and his job was a yeoman or clerk.
 So of course I jump right up and try it on!!
It was heavy, wool, hot, uncomfortable stiff and fit like a glove!  It was like that uniform was made for me, if it wasn't so itchy I would wear it for Halloween.  We all couldn't get over what good shape it was in and how little Grandpa Gould must have been at the time.

The pants have a traditional 13 buttons and if I had to buttons those suckers every time I had to use the bathroom I would have invented the zipper!!

After the nostalgia of the Navy uniform wore off, the kids found this and it was all over . . . .


Too much fun was had in all those hats and memories!! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Movie Night

Every since my parents built this beautiful back yard we have been trying to find ways to utilize it (AKA what kind of parties could we have up here!) After Bryn and Scott's wedding my parents bought a swing set for the kids, a bunch of lawn games, a soccer goal and balls, tee ball set and I think we have used it way more than they ever thought. So on to thinking of what we could do next . . . I had a great idea. My friend Stephanie does a movie in her back yard every year and I thought that would be a super fun idea to do in the back yard in Riverside. Good wholesome family fun!

As soon as the words came out of my mouth to my mother we were planning and getting some fun ideas for our newly slated party. We found a picture of a popcorn stand and instantly knew we needed one. We sent the picture to Scott and he replicated it beautifully. Bryn got glow sticks for the kids to put in balloons and play with, we rented a popcorn machine, the screen, Bryn brought over her deep fryer, invited some of our besties and it was on . . . .
Bryn and Scott got a deep fryer for their wedding and tested it out the week before the movie. Bryn called me to say they would bring it and make deep fried Oreo's and mini doughnuts for Mom. When that thing was all fired up and ready to go anything was fair game. They deep fried everything . . . they even did a junior mint for me!

The kids had a great time running arround, playing with all the games and eating all the crap popcorn and deep fried food. It was better than being at the fair. The kids were all over the place during the movie, they sat for most of it but not very well. After the movie was over we had sparklers for the kids and lit off fire works.

Movie night was a huge success and we would do it again in a minute. It was super easy to get the screen and everyone had fun.
What more could you want than super fun and easy family fun!!
Thanks Yaya and Jj for providing wonderful memories for your family!!