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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gordon Gould Lives On!!!

This was too funny not to post!
Rylee in her Great Great Grandfathers Fedora

I remember when Mimi and Gramps lived up in Los Gatos they had this hat rack thingy.  There were many hats up and down the rack . . . Fedoras, a Chinese Coolie, Derby hats, a Pith Helmet from India and a random assortment of others.  We used to think, as kids, that they were so much fun to try on.
One night during our #30daysofvacy Gramps comes out with this box and low and behold all of the hats come out.  The kids thought, just as we did, that they would be fun to play with trying all of them on.
At the bottom of the box Gramps pulls out this . . . .

Grandpa Gordon Goulds Sailor Uniform, dress blues, from 1917 in WWI.
Rank: petty officer third class and his job was a yeoman or clerk.
 So of course I jump right up and try it on!!
It was heavy, wool, hot, uncomfortable stiff and fit like a glove!  It was like that uniform was made for me, if it wasn't so itchy I would wear it for Halloween.  We all couldn't get over what good shape it was in and how little Grandpa Gould must have been at the time.

The pants have a traditional 13 buttons and if I had to buttons those suckers every time I had to use the bathroom I would have invented the zipper!!

After the nostalgia of the Navy uniform wore off, the kids found this and it was all over . . . .


Too much fun was had in all those hats and memories!! 

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