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Monday, August 5, 2013

Movie Night

Every since my parents built this beautiful back yard we have been trying to find ways to utilize it (AKA what kind of parties could we have up here!) After Bryn and Scott's wedding my parents bought a swing set for the kids, a bunch of lawn games, a soccer goal and balls, tee ball set and I think we have used it way more than they ever thought. So on to thinking of what we could do next . . . I had a great idea. My friend Stephanie does a movie in her back yard every year and I thought that would be a super fun idea to do in the back yard in Riverside. Good wholesome family fun!

As soon as the words came out of my mouth to my mother we were planning and getting some fun ideas for our newly slated party. We found a picture of a popcorn stand and instantly knew we needed one. We sent the picture to Scott and he replicated it beautifully. Bryn got glow sticks for the kids to put in balloons and play with, we rented a popcorn machine, the screen, Bryn brought over her deep fryer, invited some of our besties and it was on . . . .
Bryn and Scott got a deep fryer for their wedding and tested it out the week before the movie. Bryn called me to say they would bring it and make deep fried Oreo's and mini doughnuts for Mom. When that thing was all fired up and ready to go anything was fair game. They deep fried everything . . . they even did a junior mint for me!

The kids had a great time running arround, playing with all the games and eating all the crap popcorn and deep fried food. It was better than being at the fair. The kids were all over the place during the movie, they sat for most of it but not very well. After the movie was over we had sparklers for the kids and lit off fire works.

Movie night was a huge success and we would do it again in a minute. It was super easy to get the screen and everyone had fun.
What more could you want than super fun and easy family fun!!
Thanks Yaya and Jj for providing wonderful memories for your family!!

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