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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mom's taxi for hire . . .

 That being said, I never knew that the stay at home part doesn't last very long after school starts. Activities, sports, speech, and play dates keep us pretty busy.  That is all pretty much by my choosing.  I love to be busy, if I have nothing to do I will go crazy, spend money, not clean the house, and look for projects to start.  So I run our schedule packed with things to do with the littlest amount of time in between  . . . efficiency!!

 I have been very lucky to stay at home with the crazies.  If I would have had to work Brady and Rylee would not have gotten all the help they have needed with speech.  Speech and school are a given, sports on the other had, totally optional.  Chris and I would like them to be involved in sports, it makes for a well rounded kid, hopefully teaches them team work, and responsibility and gets them out of the house and out from in front of the screen. Rylee is doing kindergarten, soccer and dance and girl scouts and Brady is doing preschool twice a week, T-ball and speech.  I never thought that doing these simple activities would put me in the car as much as it does!  

Rylee doesn't go full day yet and gets out at 1. As great as that sounds, I am ready for her to go all day and not for the reasons you might think ;)  It might free up a little time in the middle and I might learn how to make dinner in advanced! Chris would be very happy . . . he is also being VERY supportive of me trying to navigate our new schedule and coming home to no home cooked meal (bad wife, good mom?). That needs to get straightened out pronto, must have equal balance!!  Before school, we used to do all our activites in the morning, but now with school we have all of our activites in the afternoon.

The mom taxi is in full effect!  Luckily we walk Rylee to and from school.  All the other places not so much. 

This is what a normal week looks like . . . by all means, I am not complaining this is all of my own choosing, crazy as it might be!!!  

Monday walk Rylee to school at 9 walk back get in the car to take Brady to speech at 10:30 wait in car for one hour while Brady does speech.  Back in car drive home, walk to pick up Rylee from school at 1

Tuesday we drive Brady to school before Rylee at 8:30 run out of his school to be back at the house and walk Rylee to school by 9.  With no children I am trying to play tennis with Sweeney for an hour. Drive back to pick Brady up at 11:30, drive home park and walk to pick up Rylee at 1.  Pray that both kids nap until 3:30 so we can then drive Rylee to dance.  Kill another hour in the car waiting for Rylee, drive home meet Chris at 6 dinner not made :(

Wednesday walk Rylee to school at 9 walk back get in the car drive to Mops where I get a little adult reflection time or have playdate with the neighbors.  Back in the car, drive home to walk and pick up Rylee.  Once again pray they nap but not to long so that I have to wake them up to take Brady to T-ball at 4!! 

Thursday drive Brady to school before Rylee at 8:30 run out of his school to be back at the house and walk Rylee to school by 9. I am beginning to love Thursday's because I get to help in Rylee's class while Brady is in school.  Leave at 11 to pick up Brady.  Soccer at 5 and home by 6

Friday walk Rylee to school at 9 walk back get in the car to take Brady to speech at 10:30 wait in car for one hour while Brady does speech. Back in car drive home, walk to pick up Rylee from school at 1.  Soccer clinic at 5 Wahoo's for dinner!!

Saturday . . . SOCCER GAME!!

Sunday  do anything but be in the CAR!!!

I am slowing loving the new sched but it also takes some getting used to.  Waiting in the car for pick up or speech and trying to keep Brady busy during soccer and dance is challenging but it is what it is and I'm happy that I can do it for my crazies!
I really do like being busy and if the kids like what they are doing and are happy doing it then I will buy a motor home and drive them around in that!!

The Pirate Fair . . . ARGH!!!

Hello Orange County Fair . . . again!!

This year was super fun!!! Rylee and Brady were FINALLY tall enough to both ride the rides together. Brady follows Rylee from ride to ride and occasionally she lets him sit in the front or pick what color car he wants. He rode the roller coaster with her and we found out he is just as crazy as she is (Lord help me!!)

Brady has NEVER sat to get his face painted and we were all shocked when we asked him to pick what he wanted on his face. He pointed to the pirate, we all laughed and said ya right, but when it was his turn he jumped right up in the seat and sat the stillest the longest I have ever seen. Looked in the mirror and himself and said "I a Pirate ARGH!!! I think Bryn taught him how to do the hook at the same time and that became the theme of the Fair . . . the Pirate Fair ARGH!!!!

Scott and I were the only ones to get the giant turkey leg. . . Chris won't make that mistake again!!


After going to the San Diego County Fair I discovered this little gem know as . . . DEEP FRIED COOKIE DOUGH . . . and introduced it to my cookie dough loving family!!

The annual water gun race contest . . . and the winner(s) was/were . . . .

SCOTT and by default Rylee (because she cried . . . boo hoo!)

The fair is always fun. I am a little worried that the rides will become a little baby for Rylee and she will want to head over to the bigger rides. The only problem with that is that she is going to have to find someone that will ride with her (won't be me and motion sickness self)
Until then happy kiddie land at the fair!!!

Papa's 90th

It's pretty special when you get to have a 90th birthday party. I know this because my papa is pretty special. At 90 years old papa has been lucky enough to live a pretty extraordinary life!

We had his party at one of his favorite Italian restaurants in Newport Beach. Invited his brothers and immediate fam. It was such a fun night celebrating such a wonderful man that has accomplished so much and has so much to be proud of.

2 Great Grand kiddos!
The Little Prince
Big families seem to be a thing of the past. I can't say I know anyone that has 11 kids anymore!! I secretly would have loved to have more but Chris said NO . . . and so did my Mom!!!

Lots of girls in the family!!

Louis, Joe and Nick

Lots of stories were told around the table, old stories, newer stories and one memorable story told by Rylee!!

Lots of pictures to commemorate such a fun night. 
Happy 90th Papa we love you more than you know and are so proud of all your many accomplishments.  Hopefully we are making you proud as well!!