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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Pirate Fair . . . ARGH!!!

Hello Orange County Fair . . . again!!

This year was super fun!!! Rylee and Brady were FINALLY tall enough to both ride the rides together. Brady follows Rylee from ride to ride and occasionally she lets him sit in the front or pick what color car he wants. He rode the roller coaster with her and we found out he is just as crazy as she is (Lord help me!!)

Brady has NEVER sat to get his face painted and we were all shocked when we asked him to pick what he wanted on his face. He pointed to the pirate, we all laughed and said ya right, but when it was his turn he jumped right up in the seat and sat the stillest the longest I have ever seen. Looked in the mirror and himself and said "I a Pirate ARGH!!! I think Bryn taught him how to do the hook at the same time and that became the theme of the Fair . . . the Pirate Fair ARGH!!!!

Scott and I were the only ones to get the giant turkey leg. . . Chris won't make that mistake again!!


After going to the San Diego County Fair I discovered this little gem know as . . . DEEP FRIED COOKIE DOUGH . . . and introduced it to my cookie dough loving family!!

The annual water gun race contest . . . and the winner(s) was/were . . . .

SCOTT and by default Rylee (because she cried . . . boo hoo!)

The fair is always fun. I am a little worried that the rides will become a little baby for Rylee and she will want to head over to the bigger rides. The only problem with that is that she is going to have to find someone that will ride with her (won't be me and motion sickness self)
Until then happy kiddie land at the fair!!!

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