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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brady Man Update . . .

I think it took 6 months but I can finally say . . .

This seemed like the unattainable but we he accomplished this wonderful goal.  He is so proud.  He likes to pick out he underwear for the day and does the pee pee in the potty dance!!  
Funny story:  
  He is starting by sitting down and pushing and pointing his pee pee down into the potty untill he learns he can stand like the big boys. I asked Brady to go potty and then shortly after Chris put him in the bath and the routine is that you go potty before getting in the bath. While sitting on the potty he is pushing it down and nothing is coming out. He yells to Chris very concerned 
 "Oh no Dada it boken!!"

He loves going to soccer practice and playing with Tucker and Laini.

Loving preschool and playing with the kids in the alley. He knows all his letters, counts to ten loves to help in the kitchen. Started Tball and is doing better and better every time. 

He calls it Brady's Game!!

Falling into Fall!

Fall in San Diego takes a long time  to show itself.
  Going back to school and hopping for a little fall type weather in September and October tends to never happen. So we tend to look elsewhere.  We trek to Bates Nut Farm and Oak Glen to find a little sense of fall.
So far we have been to Oak Glen to pick apples and let me tell you it was packed and there was not ONE apple to pick!!!
But we got our little fix of fall; we broke out our boots, jeans and sweaters.  We pretend its fall and then come back to reality only to dive right back in to our shorts, flip flops


The kids thought it was fun to be in the cold weather.  I did find out that Rylee is actually a hot weather or freezing weather kind of kid.  She wants nothing to do with 3/4 sleeves, rolled up carpi's or ballet flats (all things that have to do with fall right?) She either wants layers, boots and socks or bathing suits and dresses.  Right now, in this in between stage, it is quite a predicament!!

My little Tava fam

We miss Scott being at our fun family outings.  He is working a lot in McFarland being their hardest working police officer and we couldn't be more proud of him.  Recently he got promoted to be McFarland's only motorcycle cop . . .Whoo Hooo . . . now he has to go and do their program for the next couple weeks.  Uncle Scott we miss you but are so proud of your persistence and wonderful accomplishments!!

Apple Picking didn't go exactly the way we thought but we had fun trying to find fall!!

The only TWO apples were eaten by Aunt B and Rylee and we picked them right out of a barrel.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

YaYa's Birthday Bash Part 1

Guest Blogger moment! Courtney is back for some more Wild World action. 

I am here to relay the story of our latest Gould/Schembri/Tavaglione/Hlinka/Hazen get together. 

The ladies in my family are always looking for an excuse to get together. It seems to be a new habit that each time we get together, we always plan the next time we can have a little fun. Whether we are in Vegas, Riverside, San Diego, or Newport, there is always a fun excuse for us to be together. 
This time was no different. My mom and my Auntie Allison have birthdays that are only a week apart and we thought there was no better way to have a get together than to celebrate a double birthday, especially YaYa's 55th! My mom made party bags complete with bracelets that conveyed our love for Allison, invitations were sent out, the white cake was ordered, and YaYa was in for a huge surprise. 

The first night consisted of a huge surprise bash for my deserving Aunt. Unbeknownst to her, my mom and Whitney sent invitations to all of her best friends in Riverside. Before the dinner, we thought we should start the party with a pre-game session at the beach house. Bryn broke out the margarita machine and it was game over. I should mention that my dear cousin Whitney had the wonderful idea of purchasing a breathalyzer before this event. If you know my family, you know we are a competitive group. One margarita turned into several after taking a breathalyzer test after each drink. Getting the highest BAC quickly turned into the competition of the evening. 

Because of our fun new "game" we decided we needed to take a taxi to dinner. If you know Mimi, you know she doesn't do taxis. But, in the spirit of the birthday shenanigans, Mimi hopped in the front, gave a thumbs up, and apologized to the driver in advance for her wacky family. Once we walked into the restaurant and Auntie Allison saw all of her friends waiting to surprise her, it was obvious the weekend was off to a great start. 

After a fabulous dinner, lots of friends, a version of "Happy Birthday" sung by a live band, and some serious eating and drinking, the Riverside friends said farewell and my family and I were off to our next adventure. We got home and immediately walked down the boardwalk to The Blue Beet. This consisted of more drinking, breathtayzing (Whitney was WAY in the lead at this point), and a game of "Never Have I Ever." For those who have played this game before, you will know that things are divulged that you may or may not have wanted to know about the people you're playing with. I will not reveal what my cousins and I found out but I will leave you with this warning: Don't play this game with your mother after a few drinks while sitting at a bar. We left The Blue Beet with a broken drumstick (YaYa's birthday souvenir), way too much information about our mothers, and an appetite for pizza and donuts.

On our walk home, we introduced our mothers to the beauty of a drunken snack. We got pizza and donuts, and even made an appearance at Whitney's favorite spot, The Beach Ball, for a photo op before returning home. Whitney was winning the breathalyzer competition by a mile, I was exhausted from trying to keep up with my wild mother, and Bryn was ready to hit the town for more action. She was in rally mode while I was ready for bed and Whitney was somewhere in between sleep and "walking outside and getting hit by a trash truck in the middle of the sidewalk" (her words, not mine). 

"Courtney. I played Bunko last night. I'm exhausted" 
Needless to say, night one of the birthday bash was a success. Add a couple of crazy blonde babies and some fun at the beach and you get Part 2! More to come :) 

Cousin Corny 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Week with Rylee and Brady

I love a guest blogger!  Here is my Mother's interpretation of a week with the crazies . . . .
When Whitney asked me if I would take the week off from work and babysit the kids while they went on a trip to Cabo, I said sure! I am always ready, willing and able to babysit!! It didn’t take long for me to realize since the kids were going to be in school, babysitting would take place in San Diego and I’d probably need Jeff’s help. After some “discussion”, Jeff was on board and we were good to go.

About a week before Whitney left, I headed to San Diego for a practice run of the weekly routine, so I’d know where each activity would take place. Our week consisted of travelling all over San Diego County for the following: 2 soccer games, 1 t-ball practice, 1 dance class, 2 soccer practices, 2 pre-school classes, 4 days of kindergarten and 1 speech class.

Although all of our friends thought we were crazy, it really was a fun 8 days. A little credit needs to be given to Whitney since the routine she has the kids on helped so much. All I had to say to Brady at 1:00 that it was “time for nap” and he dropped everything and headed upstairs and right into bed. Same thing at night with both Rylee and Brady! 8:00 p.m. couldn’t come too soon!

There were so many precious moments that we had with Rylee and Brady. Some of Brady’s funniest comments to me were “top (stop) it Ya Ya” when I tried to brush his hair and “wook at me Ya Ya”, when he ran the bases with the bat still in his hand at t-ball. When Brady and I were at Target toy shopping one morning he looked at my tennis shoes and said “beautiful shoes Ya Ya”. Rylee looked at me one night and kissed my forehead and said “I love you Ya Ya”. Rylee also told me on our last day together that I was her “stepmother” (I think she meant wicked stepmother) because I asked her to go upstairs and get Brady’s jammies and then pick up her toys! Can never have too many of those special moments!!

Jeff and I are so lucky that we were able to take time off from our normal routine and spend such a fun and busy week with Rylee and Brady. At the end of the week, we commented to each other that it wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be and we loved being able to share such special moments with our grandchildren. We’d do it again in a heartbeat!!