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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brady Man Update . . .

I think it took 6 months but I can finally say . . .

This seemed like the unattainable but we he accomplished this wonderful goal.  He is so proud.  He likes to pick out he underwear for the day and does the pee pee in the potty dance!!  
Funny story:  
  He is starting by sitting down and pushing and pointing his pee pee down into the potty untill he learns he can stand like the big boys. I asked Brady to go potty and then shortly after Chris put him in the bath and the routine is that you go potty before getting in the bath. While sitting on the potty he is pushing it down and nothing is coming out. He yells to Chris very concerned 
 "Oh no Dada it boken!!"

He loves going to soccer practice and playing with Tucker and Laini.

Loving preschool and playing with the kids in the alley. He knows all his letters, counts to ten loves to help in the kitchen. Started Tball and is doing better and better every time. 

He calls it Brady's Game!!

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