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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Falling into Fall!

Fall in San Diego takes a long time  to show itself.
  Going back to school and hopping for a little fall type weather in September and October tends to never happen. So we tend to look elsewhere.  We trek to Bates Nut Farm and Oak Glen to find a little sense of fall.
So far we have been to Oak Glen to pick apples and let me tell you it was packed and there was not ONE apple to pick!!!
But we got our little fix of fall; we broke out our boots, jeans and sweaters.  We pretend its fall and then come back to reality only to dive right back in to our shorts, flip flops


The kids thought it was fun to be in the cold weather.  I did find out that Rylee is actually a hot weather or freezing weather kind of kid.  She wants nothing to do with 3/4 sleeves, rolled up carpi's or ballet flats (all things that have to do with fall right?) She either wants layers, boots and socks or bathing suits and dresses.  Right now, in this in between stage, it is quite a predicament!!

My little Tava fam

We miss Scott being at our fun family outings.  He is working a lot in McFarland being their hardest working police officer and we couldn't be more proud of him.  Recently he got promoted to be McFarland's only motorcycle cop . . .Whoo Hooo . . . now he has to go and do their program for the next couple weeks.  Uncle Scott we miss you but are so proud of your persistence and wonderful accomplishments!!

Apple Picking didn't go exactly the way we thought but we had fun trying to find fall!!

The only TWO apples were eaten by Aunt B and Rylee and we picked them right out of a barrel.

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