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Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Week with Rylee and Brady

I love a guest blogger!  Here is my Mother's interpretation of a week with the crazies . . . .
When Whitney asked me if I would take the week off from work and babysit the kids while they went on a trip to Cabo, I said sure! I am always ready, willing and able to babysit!! It didn’t take long for me to realize since the kids were going to be in school, babysitting would take place in San Diego and I’d probably need Jeff’s help. After some “discussion”, Jeff was on board and we were good to go.

About a week before Whitney left, I headed to San Diego for a practice run of the weekly routine, so I’d know where each activity would take place. Our week consisted of travelling all over San Diego County for the following: 2 soccer games, 1 t-ball practice, 1 dance class, 2 soccer practices, 2 pre-school classes, 4 days of kindergarten and 1 speech class.

Although all of our friends thought we were crazy, it really was a fun 8 days. A little credit needs to be given to Whitney since the routine she has the kids on helped so much. All I had to say to Brady at 1:00 that it was “time for nap” and he dropped everything and headed upstairs and right into bed. Same thing at night with both Rylee and Brady! 8:00 p.m. couldn’t come too soon!

There were so many precious moments that we had with Rylee and Brady. Some of Brady’s funniest comments to me were “top (stop) it Ya Ya” when I tried to brush his hair and “wook at me Ya Ya”, when he ran the bases with the bat still in his hand at t-ball. When Brady and I were at Target toy shopping one morning he looked at my tennis shoes and said “beautiful shoes Ya Ya”. Rylee looked at me one night and kissed my forehead and said “I love you Ya Ya”. Rylee also told me on our last day together that I was her “stepmother” (I think she meant wicked stepmother) because I asked her to go upstairs and get Brady’s jammies and then pick up her toys! Can never have too many of those special moments!!

Jeff and I are so lucky that we were able to take time off from our normal routine and spend such a fun and busy week with Rylee and Brady. At the end of the week, we commented to each other that it wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be and we loved being able to share such special moments with our grandchildren. We’d do it again in a heartbeat!!

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