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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kostas wedding!!

What a beautiful last event we got to share with Mimi!!  Kosta's wedding.  It was a perfect night and it is the way I am going to choose to remember my beautiful Mimi!
A bet was made between Mom and Chris on what the sex of Bryn and Scott's baby will be.  Chris is taking GIRL and Mom is taking BOY.   Who will the winner be??  Can't wait to find out!!
She hated pictures but I am so glad she let me take these.  She looked amazing!!

Auntie Nini is ready!!

Nobody is more excited than I am to announce that  . . .
I am going to be an AUNT!!!
Congrats Bryn and Scott you are going to be amazing parents. 
 I just hope that your little one likes me better than Brady likes Aunt B!!
Yea for more babies in June . . .

My Merlin

Today on November 6th I said goodbye to my best friend. 
It was hands down the hardest thing I have ever done in my whole life. I did not want to let go and say the words goodbye.  Standing there holding her hand I did not want to leave that room and not take her with me. 

Mom and I were talking and decided that she was the most unique person we have ever known.  Everyone was drawn to her young and old.  It was her uncanny ability to listen to everyone and genuinely know exactly what to say.  I think I can honestly say she has more friends, a better social calendar and has had more fun than I could even think to have.  I would call down and my friends would be sitting on the patio or she would have plans to go out to dinner with my friends.  Just last month I called and the mail lady had come by and was having wine on the patio.

 In September we had a birthday party for my mom and I told Merlin we were going to take a cab so nobody had to drink and drive.  She said she had never been in a cab.  When the cab didn’t pull up the street she cursed his name walking the whole way to the end of the street.  As soon as she got in the front seat of the cab she was patting him on the back and said let’s give him his tip now all smiles and handed over her money!!!   It’s amazing the effect she had on people. 
I find myself to be extremely lucky, in that I have never have had to suffer loss like this before.  My life has been “normal” every day for the last 31 years and today I am finding a new sense of normal.  Not being able to pick up the phone and call your best friend any time day or night is horrible.  I feel completely selfish in wanting her with me, but knowing that she is in a better place comforts me.  I have no regrets and had left nothing unsaid.  She knew how much I loved, admired and needed her just as much as I knew how much she loved me and loved living vicariously through all my crazy moments.  She could talk on the phone with me for hours.  I would tell her every detail of every story and she would just laugh and laugh until we were in tears on the phone.  She was the best listener and without judgment.  I would call her with my problems and I would say “Merlin I have a problem” and she would ALWAYS say “it’s not a problem unless you’re pregnant”  So when I found out I was pregnant with Rylee I called her and said “I have a problem” and she knew exactly what I meant. 
Mimi was my biggest fan in every way shape and form cliché I know but it’s true.  She was always in the stands cheering me on in high school and into college her and grandpa would come down to all the SDSU games remembering that they never saw a winning game but she was happy to be there for me.  Growing up she loved being on the beach and going places together. In my teenage years she was bound and determined to find me a boy and we all thought it was great when I found Chris in San Diego all by myself.  She always wanted me looking my best in case there was a potential mate in the near vicinity.  She pushed me to always to my best, pushed me into elevators and then backed out, and pushed me into boy’s homes (literally).  There was a boy that lived in the house behind them at the beach house one summer and I think she made me take out the trash everyday hoping that he was in the alley too and there might be a run in!!
I called her everyday and told her EVERYTHING even things I didn’t tell my mom.  She was the best secret keeper.  She took me to Paris and Amsterdam after doing a house swap with a friend that lived in Amsterdam.  Mimi was so excited when she found out that this friend had a nephew that lived next door.  Before we even left California she was already setting me up.  So sure enough when we got there one night he picked me up on a bicycle one rainy night.  She hugged me and told me to have fun.  When I returned at 5am I thought for sure she would kill me , put me on the first flight out and call my mom but as soon as I opened the door she was right there and said “Tell me everything and don’t leave anything out!!”  Whose grandma does that??  When I would come home late from being out at the bars in Newport I would tiptoe in not trying to wake anyone up and she would race out of her room like she had been waiting for me to get home.  We would sit on the edge of the twin bed and I would recap the whole night at 2 in the morning sometimes hoping she didn’t realize how many drinks I had had even though I knew she knew.

With all the fun we had together I never got caught "necking" in the back seat of a car!!  She really was more fun than any body ever knew!
She loved to sit in the makeup chair at any makeup counter.  When we went to Nordstrom we would all come back with a new lipstick and the last time mom and I went without her and came back with matching lipsticks she was so mad that we didn’t get her one too.
She had the same hair for FOREVER as far back in pictures as I have gone it’s that same and she always wanted to be blonde and have bangs.  Finally Nicole said ok let’s do bangs and I think it was her happiest day.
Things I will never forget …
She hated when grandpa, mom and I wanted tuna on toast for dinner … she hated it …and knew she would have to have soup.
She hated when I had brown hair.
She hated having her picture taken!!
She was the best at getting out stains. 
I loved to tell her her lipstick was too pink and she couldn't wipe it off fast enough. 
I loved helping her comb out the back of her hair and spray it with so much hair spray it wouldn't move. 
She loved horrible reality tv shows. 
She coined the phrase "beds are for sleeping and dying."
 Everytime we came to the beach there was warm chocolate chop cookies waiting for us. 
I loved to take the cookie dough balls off the cookie sheet because I knew she hated it. 
I wish I would have taken the time and asked her to teach me to sew. 
I called her everytime I needed to know how long it took to boil an egg.  
Never taking the time to write it down because I loved to call and ask and I knew she loved to feed me the answers. 
She loved having diamond club status at the casino for playing the penny slots. 
In hind sight, I took all of this for granted thinking that she would always be just a phone call away for all these answers/problems. 
Evertime I left the beach she would say “Call me up a bunch”

I will miss her forever and continue to tell her everything!

Who Dunnit??

 Stephanie sure does know how to throw a great party and what better excuse to have a part than you birthday!!!
This year she did a murder mystery party and it was so much fun . .. . we all got dolled up with hair, make up and outfits to match our character and the era that it was supposed to be which was "old Hollywood glam"
I think we nailed it!!!
What's fun about this kind of party is that you really have to act out your character and nobody is better at that then our very own Chirstopher Hlinka!!  He won for best portrayal of an actor . . . maybe he is in the wrong business  . . . get this guy an agent!!
We just love to get dressed up for a party!!

Tball and Brady

It was finally the Brady mans turn to pick a sport. Our neighbor Grayson was doing T-ball so I thought that would be fine and they could do it together. It took a good couple practices before Brady figured out what he was doing. Each week was quite the gamble. Some days were good some days where trouble.
T-ball was really cute. He got to sit on the little dugout. Hit off the tee. Ground balls and throw them in the net. He got to run the bases. And he loves the huddle at the end.
Of course on the last day he was asleep when it was time to go to T-ball. I tried to wrestle him from his bed to which he said no baseball no medal.  After practice had already started he decided he did want to get his metal. We jump in the car wrong outfit on wrong outfit stripes and plaid and no baseball cleats to get a prized medal. When we got to the baseball field he shouted no baseball no medal!

Once he saw all of the kids getting their medal he ran to the dugout. He was so excited to get medal but when I tried to take his picture yet again he said no picture!!!

The Brady man is going to do me in at every turn. I just know it. He will be doing everything on his own at his own time whenever he wants. 

He looked pretty cute but when we tried to get a group picture he wasn't having it. 
First attempt at a team sport and he did okay. I'm sure this is just the first team of many to come!!  Maybe next we will try soccer … wish me luck!!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Ye haw Halloween

Halloween in 4S is AWESOME!!  There really is no other way to describe it. There are thousands of people everywhere lots of houses are decorated and we get to walk around with the best neighbors ever!!

The kids painted pumpkins with Aunt B earlier in the month and then right before Halloween we carved our "puckins". She was very specific on what she wanted on her pumpkin. "I heart R". Well that's what she got!!  Rylee really got into it this year....

Brady on the other hand was quite content being the foreman, wanting to sit in the stroller and direct from afar!!
Usually at the end of summer before school starts I start concocting the kids Halloween costumes. Yes I pick out the kids costumes. After we decide on what they are gong to be I drill it into their heads and don't turn back. I've learned that my kiddos do best with clothes like costumes. So cowboys and girls it was. Ye Haw Halloween. The day before Halloween people were asking Brady what he was going to be and he started telling everyone he was going to be a pirate. Shit that's not going to work. I told him he was a pirate and slipped him into his cowboy outfit. He wont know until he's old enough to read this blog post. We kept calling him a cowboy with identity issues :)
Sweeney Kyle and the kiddos came over again for Halloween and everyone fad great costumes. Everyone thought Luke's Tom Cruise impersonation was the best!

The kids had some trouble getting it together for the picture so...
... The adults jumped in to show them how it's done :). 
Love Halloween in 4S. We missed Yaya and JJ but we knew they needed to be with Nini!!