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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tball and Brady

It was finally the Brady mans turn to pick a sport. Our neighbor Grayson was doing T-ball so I thought that would be fine and they could do it together. It took a good couple practices before Brady figured out what he was doing. Each week was quite the gamble. Some days were good some days where trouble.
T-ball was really cute. He got to sit on the little dugout. Hit off the tee. Ground balls and throw them in the net. He got to run the bases. And he loves the huddle at the end.
Of course on the last day he was asleep when it was time to go to T-ball. I tried to wrestle him from his bed to which he said no baseball no medal.  After practice had already started he decided he did want to get his metal. We jump in the car wrong outfit on wrong outfit stripes and plaid and no baseball cleats to get a prized medal. When we got to the baseball field he shouted no baseball no medal!

Once he saw all of the kids getting their medal he ran to the dugout. He was so excited to get medal but when I tried to take his picture yet again he said no picture!!!

The Brady man is going to do me in at every turn. I just know it. He will be doing everything on his own at his own time whenever he wants. 

He looked pretty cute but when we tried to get a group picture he wasn't having it. 
First attempt at a team sport and he did okay. I'm sure this is just the first team of many to come!!  Maybe next we will try soccer … wish me luck!!!

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