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Friday, November 8, 2013

Ye haw Halloween

Halloween in 4S is AWESOME!!  There really is no other way to describe it. There are thousands of people everywhere lots of houses are decorated and we get to walk around with the best neighbors ever!!

The kids painted pumpkins with Aunt B earlier in the month and then right before Halloween we carved our "puckins". She was very specific on what she wanted on her pumpkin. "I heart R". Well that's what she got!!  Rylee really got into it this year....

Brady on the other hand was quite content being the foreman, wanting to sit in the stroller and direct from afar!!
Usually at the end of summer before school starts I start concocting the kids Halloween costumes. Yes I pick out the kids costumes. After we decide on what they are gong to be I drill it into their heads and don't turn back. I've learned that my kiddos do best with clothes like costumes. So cowboys and girls it was. Ye Haw Halloween. The day before Halloween people were asking Brady what he was going to be and he started telling everyone he was going to be a pirate. Shit that's not going to work. I told him he was a pirate and slipped him into his cowboy outfit. He wont know until he's old enough to read this blog post. We kept calling him a cowboy with identity issues :)
Sweeney Kyle and the kiddos came over again for Halloween and everyone fad great costumes. Everyone thought Luke's Tom Cruise impersonation was the best!

The kids had some trouble getting it together for the picture so...
... The adults jumped in to show them how it's done :). 
Love Halloween in 4S. We missed Yaya and JJ but we knew they needed to be with Nini!!

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