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Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Sickly Thanksgiving

When you are constantly on the go, 2 kids in school, weather changing daily, it is inevitable that someone will get sick.  It just kinda sucks when that person then passes it on to the WHOLE family.  Yes the WHOLE FAMILY minus Bryn!!!
We almost didn't make it to the beach we were all so sickly.   We were afraid to take all of our germs down and infect Gramps.  Lucky for him he dodged the plague.   Even the DeleDonne's stayed away.
But we made it.
We fried the turkey and that always makes Thanksgiving a little easier.
 I think Jeff deep fried something like 7 turkeys!!
We were all a lot sad this year without Mimi.  Everything thing we did on Thanksgiving we did together and for her not to be there left us all a little on the sad side.

Mom brought an awesome craft for the kids to do and who ended up doing it??  Bryn Mom and I!!

The Turkey team!

It was just a different Thanksgiving . . . Dad was too sick and didn't make it, Scott was working and Gramps was on the phone the whole day trying to buy Uncle Bruce a car (Crazy enough it actually worked and they brought the car the next day!!)

We got to celebrate Aunt B's birthday with a movie on a super cold and rainy day!!
Frozen for Aunt B's Birthday
There is always a constant for Bryn's Birthday . . . Funfetti Cake with Funfetti frosting!!!
Hopefully the next holiday we will all be healthy! 
 If not the Hlinka's may not be invited :)

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