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Sunday, December 15, 2013

I Want Crazy

A while ago my mom and I were in the car and this song came on the radio and she said "This song reminds me of you and your family!"
When I got home I looked into the lyrics.
 "I Want Crazy" by Hunter Hayes is about a couple that is sick in love and crazy to the bone.  Many of the verses sound an awful lot like our crazy family.
I don't want good and I don't want good enough
It don't make sense to anybody else
It aint right and if you aint lost your mind
I don't want easy I want crazy are you with me baby lets be crazy
Were the kinda crazy that people wish that they could be

We are crazy busy . . .
Soccer 3X a week
All Star Soccer
Dance 2X a week
MNO 4X a month
Preschool 2X a week
Date Nights
Homework nightly
Speech 2X a week
Mops weekly
Brady's Room Mom
Rylee's Room Mom
Girl Scouts
This is my version of CRAZY!

I love it all . . . I love driving to and from and back again.  I love getting all the supplies and presents for Rylee and Brady's class.  I love getting to watch soccer practice in the freezing cold or blazing hot.  I love that I get to take Brady to lunch on a Wednesday just because.  I love planning the play dates and eating on the run.
  Crazy is just a state of mind and I want it on my mine!!
I realize in this era everyone is busy.  I only have 2 kids they both go to school and I don't work, I know you're thinking how can she be that busy.  I do it on purpose, it is just my crazy nature.
 I do enjoy being home and fiddling around the house but would much rather be out doing something.  I love to be busy if I have a free moment I am trying to fill it as soon as I can.  I want to be involved in everything.  I like being the room mom so I know whats going on.  I love going to MOPS so I can keep my girlie gab time, take on the role of  the publicity coordinator in leadership . . . add more mops meetings.  I want my crazies to be well rounded, play sports and be involved.  If they want to try it I will find a way to make it happen.  We do dance 20 min away twice a week, crazy? Why not do it  close to home? Better dance studio and our friends go there.  Girl Scouts? Easy enough, once a month  . . on a Friday afternoon (Shoot me now) sure we'll do it!
I really wouldn't want it any other way

A little crazy update . . .
Rylee is doing great in school, making friends, wanting to buy her lunch and playing with boys.  Reading is coming slowly and writing is a little tough.  Her favorite thing to write is "I am going to see my _____" It's pretty much the only thing she writes.  Her teacher and I can't decide if it's because she is afraid to be wrong, or afraid to take a risk.  She is very stubborn and homework is proving to be tough when dealing with a crazy schedule.  School gets out at 3:20 and we usually head straight to an activity, come back have dinner and then do homework.  At the end of the night she is a little overwhelmed.  Luckily homework is not every night.  School should really get out before 3 so kids could regroup before heading off to their extracurricular activities.  After 3 weeks of dance they wanted to move her up to the next level.  Great right?  Well she is in the class with 3 of her other friends and during class the moms and little kids chat at Starbucks waiting for the one hour class to be over.  Do I really want to give up my gab time for her progression in tap and her ability to be with her friends??  Of course not!!  We now do 2 tap classes!!  Soccer is going really well too.  She made the all star team. They had their first tournament this past weekend and she did great.  They did a 3v3 tournament and her team came in 2nd.  It was super fun to watch her play!

Brady is doing AWESOME!  Speech is finally coming at a rapid pace.  The things I hear him tell Rylee are hilarious.  Yesterday He told Her "Don't touch Rylee!!" He is singing songs he's learned from school. Love's face timing with anyone who will talk to him.  When I'm on the phone he always says "My turn Mama my turn" My favorite is when someone is chasing him, he runs to me and yells "Save me Mama save me!!!"  He is probably the most polite boy ever "Please, Thank You or Thanks and Your Welcome" are in abundance.  Potty training went great, still in a pull up at night but during the day NO accidents . . . Whooo Hooo!!  T-ball went OK but I'm not sure if we will sign up again.  I think we will look for another avenue for Brady.  He is having fun playing soccer in the alley with the kids, so maybe that in the spring who knows! He is drawn the the drums which scares me a lot.  Chris was a drummer so it's not surprising, but do I really want drums in my house??  Maybe the garage or lessons at someone elses house!!! I'll keep you posted!

 They are so fun, funny, crazy and entertaining.  They play so well together and are so easy.  The last two babysitter's I have had said "I'll  babysit for you anytime your kids are so easy!"  YES all my hard work is paying off :)

Chris and I are loving this time with the kids. Chris is amazing and does breakfast with the kids every morning so I can get ready for the day. The end of the day is priceless, we are altogether and it my favorite part of the day.  Love it when the kids run to the door when Chris gets home.  Brady is so proud to show Dada the latest craft he made at school, mops, or speech . . ."Wook Dada Wook!!"  The bedtime routine is wonderful, we all march up stairs Brady gets a book and always "A Drink A Water" Rylee reads her books and passes out before I can leave the room.  Day over and Chris and I get ready to start all over again the next day.

Crazy keeps me sane,  it might drive Chris insane but it works.  Every Sunday we go over what is happening in the upcoming week and then regroup on Wednesday because most likely it has changed!
It's a system, a crazy system, but I'll take it!  

I LOVE MY LIFE and I wouldn't want it any other way!!

I know were crazy
There's no such thing as wild enough
who cares if were crazy?
We gotta be crazy
I know that were crazy
So lets be crazy !!

Thanks Hunter Hayes well said :)

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