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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas 2013 in Riverside

 A two week Christmas break seems so short at the beginning, and towards the end as we are nearing NYE I am so ready for them to go back.  The routine takes a couple days to get back on track and viola time for school to start!
Christmas break consists of a lot of everything and nothing all at the same time.
Lazy days playing with Aunt B and the iPad lounging by the fire.

Lounging with Jj on the couch!
Hours watching the Santa Claus music box go round and round a million times.  When we couldn't find Brady we could count on him sitting in this green chair with a box of goldfish watching and listening to the music!

Gingerbread houses proved to be more difficult for some more than others.  Bryn's house came out perfectly, stuck together perfectly with icing and then decorated by the 5 year old.  Jj's on the other hand came out in pieces. Trying to stick it back together was trying and then officially abandoned even after an attempt with the glue gun!!

Many trips to the chicken coop checking for eggs in the nest by Rylee and screams of
 "SAVE ME SAVE ME MAMA" came from Brady as the chickens neared his vicinity!

A trip to the Mission Inn is a must!  The lights are amazing and there are tons of people walking around taking it all in.
Among the beauty of the lights at The Mission Inn, was vendors selling light up toys and warm gear (it was in the low 70's) and that became the center point of our evening, cat hat and light up swinging toy . . . . Yaya just can't say no!

After living in Riverside for 18 years I walked up Mount Rubidoux for the first time. JJ and Rylee went to NORMS, their favorite breakfast spot, so Bryn mom and I pushed Brady in the stroller all the way to the top!  Brady was a trooper, and walked the last bit in his Jammie's and made it all the way to the cross or the T as he called it!!
 Getting ready for Santa by eating his cookies. 

Christmas morning started off looking for eggs in the chicken coop. 

Rylee was super excited to see that Santa got her exactly what she wanted  . . . a SKATEBOARD!
 (stay tuned for the blog post about her breaking her arm, me at the hospital, and Chris saying I told you we should not have given her the skateboard!!)

Brady liked his new bike but not as much as  . . .

My mother is the BEST Santa ever. Nobody will ever live up to her gift giving ability. She is very thoughtful and listens and remembers what you say. Her stockings are phenomenal and this year the boys got moonshine among other creative gifties :) 
Aunt B and Uncle Scott always give the outrageous toy gift. Last year it was a rocket for kids and the kids loved taking it out on the beach and launching it. This year it was a rocket for adults that went 50 feet in the air!!
Not really Christmas related but I will go on. When my parents got the chickens (back in July) we thought it would be fun to do a chicken pool and guess when the first egg would be laid. The first date we started with was January 1st because we thought that it might be somewhere in January according to backyardchickens.com. Everyone picked their dates paid their money and waited and waited and waited!!  Low and behold the egg came December 9th. The dilemma that followed was who should get the money. The person who picked January 1 or January 9?!?  
I had January 1 and Rylee had January 9 can you guess who won??

Aunt B's very favorite moment is any moment she can be with Brady and he loving wants to be with her too!
When we we at our last trip to Toys R Us Mom and I thought it would be fun to have a puzzle at the house.  We like doing them and thought the kids would have fun with it too!!
In the morning we had Uncle Bruce and Gramps for Christmas and then the Tavaglione's came over for dinner and present opening.  Picture was great until I realized it was to easy to take . . . Brady was still asleep!!  Whoops, WE LOVE YOU BRADY!!

Tavalgione Crew

"hum on Got do the rocket!"

The puzzle lasted till the bitter end and it was the girls that couldn't go home until the last piece was carefully placed
Brady got a bunch of power tools from Uncle Jay and Aunt Pam.  He loved getting everyone with the chainsaw and I couldn't resist when he put on his goggles all by himself!!

Skateboarding al fresco!
Rylee got the rainbow loom and she made bracelets the whole break.  We were on You Tube watching 7 year old girls named Olivia tell us how to make the fishtail bracelet.  We finally nailed it and she was making bracelets like a sweat shop worker!!

Rylee is an animal lover, me not so much, but she is.  When we were up in Riverside for Thanksgiving Aunt Pam and Erin offered to take her horse back riding and now she is obsessed.  During Christmas break, they offered again and she was over the moon.  

Gifts are great and I am thankful for all I have but it really is the people you surround your self with that is gift enough for me. I love having Christmas up in Riverside and being with family. Baking, watching the kids run around the backyard (and not watching TV) checking for chicken eggs, riding horses, going to NORMS, and going to see the Mission Inn lights.  Holiday traditions I vow to continue. The holiday's this year were a little off without Mimi, she really was the nucleus of our little family.  But, we made it through, Mom and Dad made our Christmas memorable and like we keep saying this is our "new normal"  I am excited for my new nephew to join the party next year and to keep making holiday memories through the traditions that we have kept over the years!!

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