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Monday, January 6, 2014

Pre-Christmas 2013

The holidays are a great time of year for so many reasons.  Lots of parties, lots of family, lots of things to see and lots of things to eat!
Three staple activities we do before we take off for Christmas is. . .
1. Stephanie's Cookie Party
2.  Walk around PQ and look at lights
3. See Santa Clause

We love walking down Candy Cane Lane in PQ.  They have the best lights and it has become our tradition to go and walk and drink hot chocolate.  This year we went with our neighbor's and the kids had a blast.  
Grayson, Rylee Carter, Brady
 We brought the wagon, lots of fun snacks and of course hot chocolate.

 It is always more fun for me to watch through the kids.  They love every detail and get excited over everything.  

This neighborhood has two houses that have awesome train demonstrations, and we knew Brady would love it and not want to leave!  I was right the kids loved watching all the trains and could have watched all night long.
Rylee and the boys


Rylee's Christmas party at school was really fun.
 They wore their pj's, watched the Polar Express, and made gingerbread houses. 

She was by far the cutest one in her pj's!

After the parties die down it's nice to have the kids at home having everyday holiday moments.

Chris wanted to get our tree from Costco this year and it turned out very anti climactic.  We drove to Costco and grabbed our tree from the back of a semi full of millions of pine trees.  Got it home and it was a leaner. We tried to make her straight but it was a lost cause, that thing had a 15 degree list and I was scared everyday that she was going to fall over.  Luckily it stayed standing the whole time.
The kids loved decorating the tree and of course putting up the village.
Step One: Build the foundation
Step 2: Get out all the buildings

Step 3: Watch in amazement 
This was the first time we put up the village with 2 kids.  We were too afraid to do it when the kids were little for fear of breaking all the pieces.  They were wonderful helpers and only fractured a couple pieces!  They were in awe of it and love to show it off to anyone that stopped by.
Our house looked great and by great I mean AWESOME!  Chris does an amazing job at decorating our house, not only because he wants to win the neighborhood contest but because he loves doing it.  Unfortunately we did not win but he will always be a winner in our hearts!
Chris's Christmas party was fun, especially because Steph and Mark were there too!
I was praying that the kids would be okay with Santa this year.  I did not want another crying picture of Brady on Santa.  He is three and considerably old enough not to cry and understand that Santa brings presents.  My mom and I usually take the kids early in the morning right when Santa opens to avoid the crazy Santa line.  This was the first year that wasn't going to happen because of Rylee being in school.  We went on her short day and that put us in the Santa line around 2 pm.  Let me just say I will be taking Rylee out of school one morning to avoid what happened this year.  
1 hour long wait in the Santa line!!
Yaya and I were not okay with this.  Yaya stayed in the line the whole time and I walked Brady around the mall, riding the escalators up and down waiting for our turn.  

When our turn finally came the kids were better than I could have every expected.  They walked right up to him told him what they wanted (Rylee: Skateboard, Brady: Thomas Train puzzle and a bicycle), jumped right up on his lap and smiled!  As we left they each wanted one more hug.  

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