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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Daddy Daughter Date

Chris is such a fun Dad.  He took Rylee hiking out to Lake Hodges Sunday morning.  He said it was about a mile in and a mile out.  I thought to myself "you are crazy" but go ahead.  I put Brady down for his nap and they were gone.  Chris said they had lots of fun and Rylee was a great sport the whole time.
They rode their bikes until they found the trail, ditched their bikes and they were on their way . . .
Walking sticks needed  . . . obviously!!

Lots of thumbs up
When they got back I don't know why I was so surprised to find them both super dirty and thirsty from their hike.  The first thing Rylee said when they got back was that Daddy fell down.
Oh the things a 5 year old remembers!!
When she went back to school yesterday she wrote about the whole experience . . .
"Dear Dad I had so much fun riding our bikes on the rocks and I love throwing the rocks in the water.  It was really fun then we saw lots of boats we had so much fun.  And we got so wet dad fell in the bushes."

A weeks worth of fun!

When there is a week off school and activities I am more than ready to get out of town and look for some adventure!  In San Diego we get ski week or President's week call it whatever you want  . . . I call it a week off from school.  The weather has been so nice so I packed up the kids and we headed for Newport.  I invited some friends to come and have an overnighter down on 10th street.  I thought the kids would love it. As luck would have it the weather was super cold (like 65 degrees. . . brrrr!) The kids did not care at all. I dug them a hole right in front of the house thinking they would play in it all day and the Mom's could sit back and watch from the porch.  Not the case they threw on their suits and headed for the beach!  I was in my uggs and a sweatshirt and I was freezing!!
When you're at the beach one of the funnest things you can do is play on the life guard stands.  The kids climbed up and started jumping off, racing around it and going crazy.  There is a good size ledge that is good for sliding to get to the water, the kids all made their own slide and had a blast.
We all went to BJ's Pizza for dinner and then came back for a super fun sleepover.  
As soon as the sun was up so were the kiddos and off to the beach just as fast.  I took them doughnuts to eat in the hole and they were happy!!
Beach escape 2014
Double Yolk
After having fun at the beach it was time fro some fun in River City.  My mom had been hanging on to this JUMBO egg that one of the chickens had laid.  She had done her research and was so sure that it had a double yolk.  She wanted to wait for the kids to be there so they could see it.  Sure enough it was a double yolker.  The kids were less than impressed but the rest of us thought it was pretty cool.  The next morning I wanted to poach it to see if it would stay together and viola. . . it did!!!
There was lots of dancing by the Ryleer and the Brady Man to the entire Frozen soundtrack!!
Brady has one dance move . . . the pogo stick. . . jumping around on one leg!  Its hard to capture in motion!
My parents and sister are so awesome they kept the kids while Chris and I got some work done in San Diego AKA going out with our friends!!  We had a date night with Mike and Martha.  It is always fun to catch up with good old friends.
The week of fun was all over Sunday and I think the kids were exhausted  . . . until we got home and Chris and Rylee decided to go on a Daddy Daughter Date . . . .

Vegas Baby!

Las Vegas with the kids … not sure I ever thought I would do this!! Drove to riverside Friday night to get just a little closer and to shorten the drive to Vegas. Left riverside by 8 am kids only asked if we were almost there 100 times before they both passed out by 9:15!! Not exactly the rowdy crowd we are used to traveling to Vegas with.

Rylee loves a photo op!  Any prop anytime anywhere!
We did a bunch of things that I can say I have never done in Vegas before. Usually when Chris and I go to Vegas we sleep most of the morning stay up all night drinking, having fun, gambling, and partying. When we decide to wake up around noon we head to the pool. To see these things during the day was quite an eye-opening experience. Especially when you throw kids into the mix,it's a whole different story. We walked the strip, watched the water show at the Bellagio, watched some random guys break dance on the street and walked up and down every escalator.

We were so lucky to meet up with Caitlyn and her wonderful husband Spencer for lunch while we were in Vegas.  I love that the Wilson's are all over the country and it doesn't matter where you go one pops up and you get to see them and it's just like old times. Caitlyn is so fun and I'm so excited for the new chapters that are ahead of her.

We stayed at treasure Island because Cirque du Soleil was playing at the Mirage and they were right next door to each other. We thought the kids would love seeing the pirate ship and the show. When we got there we found out that the show was under construction and no longer running. Boo-hoo! But there was a very cool tram that took us from the treasure Island to the Mirage and we must have ridden that a couple hundred times in 24 hours. I think all kids love a hotel room love taking the elevator they love the little key card that they put in the slot they love jumping on the bed and opening all the drawers, looking out the window!!  Hotel rooms are like paradise to a 3 and 5 year-old.
When we all got dressed I was pleasantly surprised at how coordinated we were. I couldn't have planned it better for a family photo shoot. Chris and I were given many compliments on how wonderfully behaved our kids were at lunch and how adorable they were many times throughout the weekend. We looked at each other at the end of the night and were so proud of our family …. We did it!!!  All of our hard work had paid off and finally turned the page into a new chapter of our lives!!  We can officially take the kids ANYWHERE and have a great time. 
A client of Chris's got us great seats to the Cirque du Soleil Beatles Love show and gave us a backstage tour. He is in the show and does this high swing acrobatic hope to God you don't fall from the sky act which was absolutely amazing. Before the show he took us backstage and gave us a tour. The kids loved going backstage checking out the costumes looking at the wigs and seeing all the fun props they had behind the stage.
Rylee and Brady were so excited to see him in the show. During his act he actually looked over waved and smiled at us. I was praying to God he wasn't going to fall off the swing and plummet  to his death while trying to wave to my children. He is an amazing guy and we were so lucky to meet him and get to see him in the show!!
Family Vegas trip in the books!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Camping in Winter

Last weekend we had our neighbors over for dinner and to let the kids run around together.  At the end of the night after many margaritas and beers, we got this crazy idea to go beach camping the following weekend.  While sitting around discussing our plan we were outside at 9 pm in t-shirts and shorts in 70 degree weather.  Little did we think that after having many weeks of beautiful summer like weather in winter the one weekend in January that we pick to go camping was going to be FREEZING and WINDY!!!
Non the less we packed our car like we were going for a month, enough food for weeks and two kiddos ready for camping!!  
I remember loving going camping as a little kid with my family and cousins.  We learned to water ski, drive the boat, drive the jet ski's and camp in a tent . . . yes a tent!!  
When Chris and I were dating the first trip we took was house boating at Lake Powell.  We went with several couples and camped the night before we got on the boat.  Every other couple had these little pop up two person tents that took two seconds to set up.  I brought my parents giant two room tent that took, 5 guys, 1 foreman and two hours to set up!! 
 I am not afraid of, and actually like camping yet all of my friends always laugh when Chris tells them we
 are going camping. . . . apparently I don't look like the camping type!!
Chris, our neighbor was in the military, so we got to go the beach campground on Camp Pendelton. 
 It was perfect!  Clean, right on the water and the kids loved it.  
It was super windy, like hurricane, tornado windy.  We lost more chips and firewood due to wind than I every thought possible, we even lost Brady once or twice

 . . . first he was up . . . .
 . . . and then he was down!!!
We only have a small little 2 person tent that Chris and the kids use to "camp" in the backyard. If I was going we were going to need a little something more substantial.  We borrowed Steph's tent and she told me it was super easy to put up.  I really did question how easy it was going to put up this giant tent.  But super easy was understatement . . . it was INSANELY EASY.  We are totally investing in one of those!! 

Casa de Hlinka and Hays!
Beach Camping 2014
Wind blown!

The kids loved sitting around the fire in their chairs.  We tried to tell them to put their chips in a cup and then in their chair so the wind wouldn't know it over.  Brady dropped a chip and then leaned forward and all the chips out of his cup spilled out too and then he would lean over to pick one up and put it in his cup, more would fall out and then it was just a vicious cycle.  To funny to watch him pick up one only to spill three!!
Wind: 2 Brady: 0

I love Chris but he loves to make everything we do as hard as possible.  When menu planning for our 24 hour adventure, Erika and I, tried to make it as easy as possible.  Snacks, hot dogs, s'mores and pancakes.  Chris goes the the store and in go the hamburgers and the buns and the sausages.  Before I know it he has spent more for 24 hours of camping than we would need for a whole week at home!  But I love him and he does make it a lot more fun.  The sausages were great and everyone had a hamburger but me!!!

Nice hair kid!!

Carter 4, Brady 3, Grayson 2, Rylee 5
The kids all get along pretty well.  There is a lot of "Mine" on the part of Brady, everyone wanting the same toy and lot of tackling each other over some kind of toy.  Rylee tries to rule over the boys and sometimes they do what she says and then other times not so much!! 

Red Solo Cup I Fill You UP .  . .  With Chips!

So much sand blowing we all got free microdermabrasion . . Whoo Hoo!

We were dressed in many layers but there aren't enough clothes in my closet that would have kept me warm last night. We all wore the same pair of underwear we started out the day camping in for 2 days, wore our Uggs and gloves to bed and wasn't smart enough to think to bring an extra blanket!!!   Brady and I started off on the aero bed, later followed by Rylee leaving poor Chris on the floor all by himself :(  The next morning waking up was brutal.  It was bone chilling, like frostbite kinda cold when we woke up.  Brady was so cold, the day before not wanting to wear his hat or gloves, but in the morning he was begging for both of them!! 
Brady loves taking a picture now and is all smiles when doing so.  After it is snapped he wants to see it and almost always laughs!!

We made pancakes, hash browns, and bacon for breakfast and it turned out PERFECT!!  All smiles from the kiddos!
Beach camping was a huge success, even if it was super windy, cold, ran out of chips, wood and had to go to the commissary 3 times and almost got frostbite.  We were only 20 minutes from home and got to be in the shower and then in our bed 30 minutes from packing up (thanks to the unbelievably easy tent)!