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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A weeks worth of fun!

When there is a week off school and activities I am more than ready to get out of town and look for some adventure!  In San Diego we get ski week or President's week call it whatever you want  . . . I call it a week off from school.  The weather has been so nice so I packed up the kids and we headed for Newport.  I invited some friends to come and have an overnighter down on 10th street.  I thought the kids would love it. As luck would have it the weather was super cold (like 65 degrees. . . brrrr!) The kids did not care at all. I dug them a hole right in front of the house thinking they would play in it all day and the Mom's could sit back and watch from the porch.  Not the case they threw on their suits and headed for the beach!  I was in my uggs and a sweatshirt and I was freezing!!
When you're at the beach one of the funnest things you can do is play on the life guard stands.  The kids climbed up and started jumping off, racing around it and going crazy.  There is a good size ledge that is good for sliding to get to the water, the kids all made their own slide and had a blast.
We all went to BJ's Pizza for dinner and then came back for a super fun sleepover.  
As soon as the sun was up so were the kiddos and off to the beach just as fast.  I took them doughnuts to eat in the hole and they were happy!!
Beach escape 2014
Double Yolk
After having fun at the beach it was time fro some fun in River City.  My mom had been hanging on to this JUMBO egg that one of the chickens had laid.  She had done her research and was so sure that it had a double yolk.  She wanted to wait for the kids to be there so they could see it.  Sure enough it was a double yolker.  The kids were less than impressed but the rest of us thought it was pretty cool.  The next morning I wanted to poach it to see if it would stay together and viola. . . it did!!!
There was lots of dancing by the Ryleer and the Brady Man to the entire Frozen soundtrack!!
Brady has one dance move . . . the pogo stick. . . jumping around on one leg!  Its hard to capture in motion!
My parents and sister are so awesome they kept the kids while Chris and I got some work done in San Diego AKA going out with our friends!!  We had a date night with Mike and Martha.  It is always fun to catch up with good old friends.
The week of fun was all over Sunday and I think the kids were exhausted  . . . until we got home and Chris and Rylee decided to go on a Daddy Daughter Date . . . .

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