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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rylee's Fun Run

Rylee's school had a "Fun Run" AKA: "Jog-a-Thon" AKA: Call all your relatives and see how much money they will give you for every lap you run!
 Rylee hit up all the regulars and ended up getting a flat rate per person.  I asked Rylee how many laps she thought she could run and she quickly responded SEVEN!!  After we all heard that she was going to run 7 laps we decided that $20 per donater would be best.  At the time of donation collection I didn't know that each lap was 1/4 mile!! I tried to explain to her how long 7 laps was going to be but it didn't quite register, she had 7 in her head and nobody was going to change her mind!
About a week before the run I got an email saying that Rylee had won a spot to come watch the fun run shirts being made.  I had no idea we had entered to win a change to go.  None the less we went.  Rylee was the smallest one there and had a hard time seeing what was going on.  After we got home she told Chris all about it, so I guess she got more out of it than I thought!!

The day of the Fun Run was here and Yaya and JJ came down to help with Brady and watch Rylee run. I volunteered to run with the kids, mainly to help Rylee get to her seven lap goal.  Monterey Ridge Elementary is a well oiled machine.  They had all the kids running with their own grade in 20 minute increments.  When I found this out I thought there was no way we were going to run almost 2 miles in 20 minutes!!
  Each kid got a popsicle stick, and at each lap they got a mark to count the laps they had done.  Rylee shot out of the gate and I thought at this pace we aren't going to make it through the first lap.
Boy was I WRONG! 
 Rylee was in beast mode!  The first 4 laps were a piece of cake and Rylee and I were passing kids left and right, waving Hi to Yaya, Jj and Brady at every lap.  Lap 5 proved to be her breaking point.  She started crying asking how much longer.   I told her she didn't have to keep running she had done a great job already.  She was bound and determined to keep running and finish as many as she could.  When the time was up we had just finished our 6th lap and she was done!!!
1.63 miles in 17 minutes  . . . I was so proud of her!  
She really wanted to give up and quit but she didn't she kept running until her time was up!!

The Fun Run was just that . . . really fun!!!
All the kids did a great job and the amount of parental support was awesome. Next year we need Aunt B and one of her awesome signs #RyleeforMVP!!
 Next year Yaya said she is going to run with her . . . you better bet I am going to hold her to it!!!

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