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Monday, April 28, 2014

Olvera Street

Spring break spent in 3 counties!  Riverside County, Los Angeles County and Orange County!
First we started out taking the train from Riverside to LA to check out Olvera street.  The Riverside train station is named after Papa so the kids always say we are taking "Papa's Train" which is kinda fun.

The kiddos did really good on the train.  It goes through some interesting neighborhoods.  Rylee tried to point out all the graffiti until it became a main staple during our 1 hour and 30 min ride.
Found our way around Olvera Street and found lots to eat and lots of  
. . . new toys to buy . . . Thank you Yaya
Shoes, 2 guitars and gator catchers

Union Station in LA was a pretty sight on a beautiful day.

After our LA excursion my Mom and I took the kids to Disneyland for a couple days.  We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and it was super fun.  The last time we were at the D-Land hotel was probably 20 years ago for a dance competition, a lot has changed since then!  
Of course the 2 days we were at Disney it was super hot and pretty crowded.  
Brady's favorite ride is the Midway Mania at California Adventure.  If the line wasn't so darn long we would have ridden it a million times if it were up to Brady (and of course it's the one ride with out fast pass!!!) I was so surprised that he wore the 3D glasses.
We were happy to go back to the hotel and hit up the pool for more than one reason.  Our feet were on fire!  I don't know how people do Disney for more than 3 hours at a time!!
The slides at the D-Land Hotel pool were perfect for the kids.  They went up and down a zillion times as my Mom and I sat under an umbrella sipping tasty beverages.  There were 3 different slides, all of different lengths.  They both started out on this small one and eventually ended up circling the tallest one time after time after time.  We were just about to leave when they closed the pool and slides due to unknown matter in the pool . . . yuck!!! 
After the pool party we headed back to the park and Brady couldn't do it any longer.  Fell asleep in the line for Pirates of the Caribbean.  Poor guy can't go without a nap!
Mom and Brady headed back to the room, Brady was in no shape to continue well into the night.  Rylee and I on the other hand  . . . Rock Stars!! 
We stayed until the last minute when Rylee couldn't walk anymore and our eyes were closing.
Back at Disney for day 2 we were dying, tired hot and our feet barely holding us up!  We bee lined for Brady's favorite ride hoping if we got there as soon as it opened the line would be minimal.  As luck would have it, we walked up on Midway Madness and it was closed for maintenance . . .AGHAHHHHHHH . . . Brady was a mess . . . buy toys to make him better. . . . walk out of store to see that a line was forming for said ride that was not even open yet.  Yep you guessed it we jumped in the line to wait for a ride that was to open sometime in the next hour!!!  Lucky for us it didn't take to long!

Rylee the thrill junkie and I went on all the big rides with hands up of course. We rode her favorite ride Big Thunder Mountain 3 times in a row!  She is certifiably crazy!!! But I love her
When we couldn't take Disney anymore we headed back to Riverside for more pool time!! 
  It was a fast week packed with lots of fun and adventure. 
It is fun once and a while to step out of your comfort zone!  
We finished up our spring break with Bryn's first baby shower.
Bring on baby Cooper we can't wait to meet him!!! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rylee's 6th Birthday

For the last couple months Rylee has wanted to go to Hawaii.  She really has no idea where it is or what its about.  On any given day I will ask her where she wants to go for lunch and she will say. . . Hawaii!  Obviously she has no idea.  When I told her we couldn't go to Hawaii for her birthday she was kinda sad but I told her we could bring Hawaii to her.  
Viola . . . Hawaiian Beach Birthday Party . . . she was so happy!
When planning a party outside in April you never know what you will get.  It has been beautiful and it has rained on her party in the past. Beach party adds a whole new level of anxiety.  I was checking the weather like a crazy person. One degree up or down and I was crying or jumping for joy.  Being that we haven't really had a winter I was confident that the weather would work out.  Kids don't really care anyway they are happy at the beach any weather, it's the parents that are picky.  I even saw on the weather report that it was going to be better a few days after Rylee's party and thought about switching it.  
As luck would have it, the day of the party was beautiful at the beach, I guess all of my praying to the sun gods paid off!!
Of course my parents came down to help haul ALL OF OUR CRAP to the beach.   And it was WAY more crap than I thought.  Chris and I really couldn't do it without them and wouldn't want to!

Grayson Colin Carter Brady
The Boys of
Ella Peyton Isha Rylee Logan Addison Bella
We had tons of kids, school friends, neighbor friends, old friends, boys and girls.  My dad said it best, we should have called it Rylee & Brady's party!!  Brady was really cute with her for her special day.  So spontaneous he would come up to her, give her a hug and say Happy Birthday Rylee (melt my heart)

Steph Whit Court Amy
My mom and dad help more than we could ever repay them for.  I think they love to do it, we love to have them and not just for all they do for us.
We brought adults games, buckets and shovels for all the kids and Chris dug this awesome hole for all the kids to play it . ..  it was a hit!!
School Friends
Brady had such a fun time playing with all the kids, so fun to have a bunch of neighbor boys his age that love to play together!
Del Mar beach is a beautiful clean beach that we go to when we aren't in Newport.

Bell Rylee Quinn

When you asked Rylee what she wanted for her birthday she would reply "High Heels and Big Girl Panties!!!" Well, she got them and a surf board that she is dying to ride!

Colin, Hunter, Cody, Julia, Madison, Brandon, Isha, Ella, Brady Logan, Quinn, Laini, Jude, Rylee, Peyton, Chloe, Addison, Bella, Luke, Brooks, Zoe, Jake Carter Luke, Grayson!!

Rylee's Stats:
Rylee loves school.
Learning to read is a little challenging
If it doesn't come easy she wont work for it
She loves dance.  She dances all over the house, in the grocery store, in 
front of the mirror and walking down the street.
She stopped playing soccer.
Her friends in school are Erin Brandon Ally
She will try almost any food I put in front of her and most of the time she likes it!
Loves salad

Big Bear Adventure

This is what it looks like when you go to Big Bear with SIX families!
Let me break that down for ya
12 Adults
15 kids under 6
(8 girls 6 boys)
Who is crazy enough do this you ask a better question is who is LUCKY enough to do this??
This was by far one of the funnest vacations I have ever been on.  It was a little tricky to get it all planned but they persevered and made it happen.  When we thought about planning this, we expected snow skiing, snowball fights, cold weather bbbuuuttt we got sun, flip flops and NO snow and warm weather.  I was defiantly the Debbie Downer of the group, I wanted the winter-land I expected and I knew I wasn't going to get it so immediately I wanted out.  Thank God that didn't happen or we might not have had the fun we did!!
We rented this awesome 9 bedroom house with a game room/playroom, hot tub and master bedrooms for every couple.  Being that there was no snow we thought it would be a great idea to bring in a couple masseuse to help ease our tension (best idea ever)!!
Kyle Chris Mark Josh Bill CJ
The kids played wonderfully together 
Brady Tucker Cody
and the adults played wonderfully . . . . . until the sun went down and it was time to flip the red cups.  Boys vs. Girls always makes for a fun time and of course the girls won!! We played cards and numerous games of flip cup.
Playing spades!
The next day we all went to ride the Alpine slides.  You take a chair lift up the mountain and bobsled down a concrete track down the side of the mountain.

I can't believe how competitive this group is.

 Every time down the hill was a race until Trish flipped her sled with Keira on it and ended up off the track!!
Mark & Bella    Chris & Brady      Josh & Laini

The kids wanted to be in the hot tub all the time and they were so happy and contained when they were in there! I think they had the best time of anyone.  They ran all over the house, playing upstairs, watching movies and of course loving the giant sleepover.
The Fun-Plex offered many outlets for fun, especially the ice rink, I mean plastic rink.  Yep no ice just a giant sheet of plastic covered in wax so the kids could pretend ice skate.  They didn't care they love it!
Jude Keira Rylee Bella Laini Chloe Peyton Ella
Big Bear was soooo much fun I can't wait to go back next year!!