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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Brady the Magnificent

This kid kills me. . . he is so crazy!  
 The kid loves to sleep. Brady still naps everyday for about 3 hours.  He loves to go to bed. Sometimes I think it's just so he can have his daity (lovie).  I say it's time for bed and he's up the stairs faster than me.  Grabs the daity and is lights out in 3 minutes!!! 

At 8 pm, both kids read books and then its lights, out doors closed without a peep.  Lately he has been not falling right asleep, which is super uncommon for him.  He would come out of his room check to see if my light was on or if I was in my bed watching TV.  If I was in bed he would ask to lay in "Mama bed" with me.  At first I was like . . ."oooh how cute and cuddly of course!"  We would both fall asleep and then Chris would put him back in his bed.  Then he would wake up and realize that he was back in his bed and try and finagle his way back in "Mama bed" multiple times throughout the night. . . . I'm not OK with being woken up anymore.  We don't have babies anymore (tear) therefore sleeping all night has become the norm. So we tried turning off all the lights and watching TV downstairs.  That didn't work, when I wasn't in bed he would still come out and fall asleep in my bed see anyway. 
 See exhibit A . . .
Exhibit A
So after exhibit A started happening more frequently I knew something had to change.  One night he was not only, not in his bed or my bed, but down stairs playing Lego's like the stealthiest ninja I had ever met at 9:30pm.  I freaked out when I went up to be and couldn't find him and then turned the corner to find him with the cutest little smirk.  
OK game has changed.  
Chris and I decided to put one of those child proof locks on our door so he couldn't come in our room any more.  Ready to go to bed at 9 pm I head toward the stairs and realized his door is open. . .  SHIT  . . . where is he??  My door is still shut so now its a game of the Haunted House fearing where he might jump out and scare me half to death.  Quietly I ascend the stairs, hoping he crawled into bed with Rylee.  I stop mid stair to sound of a snoring B Man.  I now know he has fallen asleep somewhere.  
That is where Exhibit B comes in to play . . .
Exhibit B
As I turn the corner I see him passed out on the stairs, using his daity as a pillow!!!  We have 3 accessible beds and a couch that he could have found but no, he picked the stairs.  Obviously because it was a perfect fit!!!  Last night we put the child proof lock on the inside of his door, guess what??  He stayed in all night!
Brady 2 Parents 1
Persistence always wins in the end . . . and a locked door!!!
Other than the current sleeping arrangements Brady is getting better and better by the day!  His cheese face could use a little work but it's a fun age and I can't believe he is going to be 4 next month!

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