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Monday, June 30, 2014

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Christopher!! 
A beer and a little Mexican food
We took Daddy for a hike in Torrey Pines and it was beautiful.
The kids did great until the end.  I had to carry Brady the last half mile on my back, it was just the exercise I was  looking for (insert sarcasm!)
In case anyone was wondering the beach is that way ------------------------------>

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cooper's Firsts in San Diego

I am so excited that Cooper is here!! 
 He has only been here 2 weeks and already he has done some amazing things!  
Let's see a couple of Cooper's Firsts
First time trying to be like his big cousin Brady
First time on the red couch!
First time in costume
First time at a costume/birthday party!
First time with Rylee not crying!
First time with Uncle Chris
First time in Aunti Nini's car screaming bloody murder!
First time with cousin Rylee
First time being kissed by cousin Brady

First time at the San Diego County Fair . . . he's hiding in the stroller!!
First slumber party in San Diego (not his last)

First cousin photo!!!
I hope I can introduce him to many more FIRSTS!!
First trip to the beach
First nap at the beach
First friend at the beach
First time on the pier

SD/OC Fair

Rylee's dance studio performed at the SD Fair this year.  Bryn, Cooper and my Mom came down to watch the girls preform, hit up some of the rides, and eat deep fried food!

Rylee is still a thrill junkie and now she is getting others involved.  Bella and Brady were much more adventuresome this time around.
All three went on that super fast ride that goes around and around in a circle forwards and backwards . . . as you can tell they weren't having ANY fun!!!
Picture in motion!!

San Diego Dance Centre Recital 2014

We finally have a full fledged dancer in the house!!!
We have found a studio we love and are sticking with it.  Rylee started in the beginning of the year in a tap ballet combo and within a couple weeks her teacher wanted to talk to me.  She is in the class with Bella and Chloe, and I thought for sure she wanted to talk to me about the chatter and giggles that I'm sure were happening in class.  Boy was I wrong.  She wanted to move Rylee into a harder class.  I was so excited and heart broken at the same time.  The dance studio isn't so close to our house, so during the one hour dance class, Steph, Court, Brady, Laini, Jude and I go to Starbucks and get our dose of daily gossip in.  
We chose this class so her friends and I could all be together . . . solution . . . do both classes!!!
Her class with her friends did "It's a Small World."  
Bella was Arabian, Chloe was French and Rylee was Hawaiian!  They did so good and we were so proud of them.
Of course everyone came down for the recital.  They were super excited when I told them that Rylee's dances were in the first half and we could all leave at intermission . . . wrong!!!  Rylee's dances were BOTH in the second half and one was third from the end! Whoops

Rylee loved all the glitz of the costumes, putting on the make up and doing her hair.  She was a born performer and I love it!!

After the recital, we found out that they were going to be performing at the San Diego County Fair!  I told my mom and the first words out of her mouth were "I remember when you danced at the Norco Fair!"  Wish I could find a picture of that!!
Just after this blog was posted these  pictures were texted to me from my mother 

Rylee really has had a fun time dancing this year with her friends.  Next year, her teacher is already talking about moving her up some more and maybe joining the competition team . . . Yikes!!  Dance mom here I come!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Last day of school

Rylee loved going to school everyday. Never once did she grip about getting up and getting dressed and ready.  Although, when I asked her what she was looking forward to this summer was, "Not having to read in 1st grade!"  Uh Oh!!!!

No wanna take a picture!
Despite the picture, Brady also loved going to school. 
 He has grown tremendously, socially, emotionally and physically.  

I can't believe the school year is over.
  It really did go by so fast, my babies aren't babies anymore :(

Summer time!!!!!

Rady's Children's Funraiser

Kyle and Amy invited us to the Rady Childrens's Hospital Gala it was such a fun event.  
We love to get dressed up and go out with good friends.  
We also got to celebrate Chris's birthday  . . . bonus!!
This is was we walked into.  A guy on stilts willing to cut down champagne glasses from the ceiling.  Of course we had to have one.
There was a photo booth and it didn't take long for us to jump in front of it and start snapping away.

Hot ladies!!
Nicole,Kristi, Jessica, Courtney, Amy
The hubby's looked dashing all dressed up!
As we walked into the ballroom there was this enormous chair with an acrobat preforming on it. After she left obviously we jumped right up!
The night was great.
  We ate, drank and danced the night away. 
I think we all thought we were the entertainment for the evening.  We always pushed our way to the front of the dance floor and never left.  It felt like we were 21 again.  The band was awesome and played great music.  We did get a little upset when they wouldn't play our song, I think it might have been the alcohol talking but the request was a little crazy! 
 Thanks Kaechel's for an amazing night!!