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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brady's 4th Birthday Party

Brady is about everything Super Hero right now. Superhero shirts action figures and most of all the super cape!!  We decided on a super hero themed party with the tumble bus.  Brady was super excited for the green bus to come.  We have been to a couple parties on the tumble bus so I knew Brady would love it.
He got to invite all of his friends including his newest cousin Cooper!!

My mom and I made all the kids, all personalized for each kid.  I made Brady's special, all birthday blinged out and of course he didn't want it.  Sometimes I don't know why I try with that kid!

Super heroes have the cutest poses!
Grayson, Carter, Cody, Brady, Quinn, Rylee Bella

Brady and the kids tumbled thier little hearts out on that green bus.  It must have been a million degrees inside that sucker.  The kids were all sweaty and red faced as they came pouring out of the bus.

JJ brought the hot dog roller and Chris BBQ'd hamburgers for the adults and it was  great party!!

The kids have been playing so well together lately it is awesome.  It was good to see some sibling love.  Rylee let him be the center of attention for once, and I think Brady actually really liked it.  He better not get used to it, I don't think Rylee will be giving it up anytime soon!
Having Bryn on maternity leave is fun.  The kids loved having her and Cooper at the house for Brady's birthday weekend.  Everyone loves Aunt B!!

Happy cousins.  I think Brady was a little hesitant to hold Cooper.  He would come around him and in his cutest little mommy voice would say "Hi Cooper"  It was so sweet!
Hope you loved your birthday party Brady, we loved celebrating with you

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