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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cooper's Firsts in San Diego

I am so excited that Cooper is here!! 
 He has only been here 2 weeks and already he has done some amazing things!  
Let's see a couple of Cooper's Firsts
First time trying to be like his big cousin Brady
First time on the red couch!
First time in costume
First time at a costume/birthday party!
First time with Rylee not crying!
First time with Uncle Chris
First time in Aunti Nini's car screaming bloody murder!
First time with cousin Rylee
First time being kissed by cousin Brady

First time at the San Diego County Fair . . . he's hiding in the stroller!!
First slumber party in San Diego (not his last)

First cousin photo!!!
I hope I can introduce him to many more FIRSTS!!
First trip to the beach
First nap at the beach
First friend at the beach
First time on the pier

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